Sadie's Newborn Photos

July 28, 2015

 photo 7O8A6507.jpg
I'm finally getting around to sharing Sadie's newborn photo session! Katie Grace Photography did a great job ranging my crazy crew and I'm so thankful for these pictures of our little family!

 photo 7O8A6612.jpg
 photo 7O8A6689.jpg
 photo 7O8A6596.jpgI have a similar photo of Hudson's little feet and I'm just pinching myself that I am the mama of two sweet babes.

 photo 7O8A6760.jpg
 photo 7O8A6860.jpg
 photo 7O8A6886.jpgThis may be my favorite photo of my husband ever. I'm so excited to see him be a daddy to a sweet little girl!

 photo 7O8A7496.jpgMy mom made Sadie's headband and added the pom pom trim to her blanket. It's so sweet, I can't get over it!

 photo 7O8A6983.jpgHudson being a good big brother!

 photo 7O8A7517.jpg
 photo 7O8A7058.jpg
Our family of four. Love love love.

 photo 7O8A7034.jpgYes...we bribed Hudson with fruit snacks. 

 photo 7O8A7126.jpg
Love this one of Hudson!

 photo 7O8A7156.jpgI sweet.

 photo 7O8A7483.jpg

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20 Responses to “Sadie's Newborn Photos”

  1. Oh my gosh, Julie, these are just PRECIOUS!! Sadie is so adorable... and Hudson is such a precious big brother!!

  2. What amazing pictures, lady! I love the cute bows on Sadie and the picture of Hudson with the fruit snack bag is too precious.

  3. LOVE these!!! Seriously, so precious! Tell her "thanks" for making my platinum bow look so fab! Xo

  4. Awe! You have one adorable little family! Love these!

  5. Beautiful, what a sweet fam!

  6. Gorgeous! What a beautiful family!

  7. Oh this just makes me giddy to see Julie! She is so so beautiful. What an amazingly beautiful family you have created. Thank you for sharing xx

  8. They turned out beautifully Julie! What a gorgeous family!

  9. Beautiful pics of your gorgeous family! Congrats again!

  10. These are so precious. Takes me back to taking Aubrey's newborn pictures. I just love babies so much!! Love the pictures of Hudson kissing her!

  11. Absolutely beautiful!! You are one blessed little family :)

  12. These are so precious!! You have a beautiful family!!

  13. Julie, you look beautiful! And you have such a beautiful family to boot. :) So happy for you, my dear!

  14. I love allll of these!! You have a beautiful family!!

  15. These pictures are amazing!!! I love how you were able to do them outside. Very nice!

  16. These are so great!!! Love that one of Hudson smiling so big!


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