More Minutes

July 16, 2015

Life with two little ones can be summed up in one word: BUSY.

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We are on a non-stop ride and although it's hectic, I wouldn't have it any other way. I've had to quickly come up with some time saving ideas in order to keep my sanity.

1. Minimize the toys. Over the past few weeks I've been sneaking toys away from Hudson. I know, I know, worst mom ever right? But in reality, Hudson hasn't really noticed. My mom has been my accomplice for this task and has helped me store away some toys in to big plastic tubs. I plan to bring  swap them out every now and then...and each time that happens it's like Hudson has a brand new box of toys! So it's a win for everyone. Hudson gets "new" toys to play with and I have less toys to clean up every night, which means more time for me!

2. Shop online. I've been doing the majority of our clothes shopping online...and I'm about to start shopping for groceries that way too! I have zero time to shop, let alone try on clothes, so online is the way to go. A few tips....NEVER pay shipping. I only buy online if shipping is free....even if it means I have to spend a minimum amount, I'll do it because paying for shipping is no fun. I also only buy at stores where I can easily return the items either in store or by mail...again for free. Gap, Old Navy, Land's End, and Nordstrom all have great and easy ways to return for free. (Items above all from Nordstrom).

3. Group errands together. This one is self-explanitory. If time allows, I try and get several of our errands done together if possible. And's not always possible....and that's okay too.

4. Utilize apps. I recently discovered that Great Clips not only gives great haircuts, they also have a great app that lets me check wait times at all of their locations and even lets me check in online. This service lets you add your name to the wait list at a nearby Great Clips salon. It’s not an appointment but it saves time by reducing your wait in the salon. Great Clips online check-in shows wait times at nearby salons and lets you add your name to the list before you drive there.

Once I checked in, the map feature of the app gave me directions to their location. Super easy!

When we arrived, they had Hudson at the top of their list! It was so convent to be able to check the wait times on my phone. Waiting in line for something is not a skill that Hudson has learned quite it was awesome to walk in to Great Clips and get helped right away! No more wasting precious time that could be better served eating ice cream...or playing with toys....or enjoying an adult beverage. Ha!

I've never been to Great Clips before so I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly, efficient, and awesome they were! I took Hudson in for a "back to school" haircut/trim. He of course was a typical toddler and did not want his hair cut! So I had to sit in the chair and have him sit on my lap. Everyone was so kind and patient with both of us...which I really appreciated. There is nothing worse that a toddler melt-down....and luckily the staff at Great Clips helped me avoid one! And he looks so grown up with his haircut...I just can't take it!

And there was a lolly pop too. That might have helped

We might have also celebrated the fact that we actually made it through the haircut by dancing on the "Selfie Spot" sticker. Small victories.

Download the Great Clips app or go to their website to check waits times and check in online at any Great Clips salon. Saving time with online check-in is a win in my book!

What would you do with a few more minutes?

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8 Responses to “More Minutes”

  1. I can only imagine how busy you are with two right now, but I bet it's the BEST busy!

    Your Nordstrom picks are fabulous, I'm hoping to snag a pair of those earrings tomorrow!

  2. Hudson is looking too cute - and WAY too grown up:) I totally feel you on the online shopping mama. I've done more shopping online in the 3 months since Vivi arrived than I did in probably an entire year before, lol!

    Quick question: are those the Vigoss Tomboy jeans by any chance? I was hoping to snag a pair if they restock them tonight but have heard some not so great things - mainly that they run really big and are much lighter in person than what they appear to be online. Thought I'd ask and get your thoughts!!! Especially interested in what you think of the sizing?

  3. Great tips! Sign me up for any errands that don't involve leaving the house. I'm definitely gonna look into buying our groceries online. And I wish Ez looked as happy as Hudson after a haircut. He acts like it's the most traumatizing experience ever. My way around it is to make the grandparents take him ;)

  4. How precious is he with his new hairdo! Love it!

  5. Is that first picture a sneak peek at your family photo shoot??? Or did I miss it and you posted it? I'll have to go back and look. Either way, all the heart eyes!!!

  6. The family photo is darling! Ive recently gotten into toy rotation and it really does save time cleaning up, not to mention "new toys" ALL the TIME lol.

  7. Great tips! Can we talk about how cute the idea of a Selfie Spot is? Love that your little man danced on it. :)


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