Hey Friday

July 24, 2015

I can't believe it's Friday! Life with two kids seems to be flying by in a blur of sleepless nights, belly laughs, baby smiles, sticky hands, and lots of memories made. The days kind of run together and then all of a sudden it's the weekend....not complaining but time needs to SLOW DOWN.

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This is hands down my new favorite photo of sweet Sadie Mae. I know I'm biased but dang she's so cute! After snapping these photos she took an epic nap all snuggled up in this crate in my living room. Love her so. (headband by Ellia May Designs)

Speaking of sleep, this little muffin slept from 10pm until 5:45am last night! Who is this girl? I know better than to expect that every night (the night before she was up every two hours) but I'll take what I can get! Neither of my kids are the best sleepers so I'm just thankful for a full night of sleep every now and then....even if I still wake up at 3am to check if she's still breathing.

Let's get back to that sweet sleeping babe.....
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This week I'm SO exited to share with you that my good friends at Peekawhoo have launched a brand new website and it is full of adorableness!  Sadie is wrapped up in their Monogrammed Bow Swaddle and it is the sweetest thing ever! It's the softest blanket with the cutest bow. I just about died when I wrapped her up in it!

 photo IMG_9813.jpg
Peekawho also is behind Hudson's cute duffle and travel bag. We take these to swim lessons ever week and people keep stopping me to ask where they are from! I tried to get Hudson to pose for a photo but you know....toddlers.

Right now use code "LAUNCHJR" for 20% off your purchase a Peekawhoo! Now is the time to pick up a Monogrammed Bunny! As you know we LOVE ours and they make the most perfect new baby gifts....or even save it for Easter! This code is kind of a big deal and good for one week only so hurry!!!

In other news, this happened. #HeartExploded

p.s.....don't forget about my #MoreMinutes post. I would LOVE it if you got more info HERE. Thanks my friends!

Have a great weekend my friends! Linking up with these lovely ladies....

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife!


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9 Responses to “Hey Friday”

  1. Fun fives, lady! l love the first picture, so so sweet. And that bunny is such a cute gift idea, i'll keep it in my pocket for my next friend that's prego :)! So glad you are getting Hudson swim lessons, that's so smart! You don't want him to be scared of the water growing up and it's so nice knowing they can stay above water. Props, mama! Happy Friday, pretty!

  2. That monogrammed bow swaddle.... holy cow. It makes me think my friends working on baby #2 (read: all of them) need to have some more GIRLS.

  3. That bow blanket!!!! DYING:) Sadie is the perfect model for it! And how sweet are those monogrammed bags for Hudson. Caleb is in need of a bigger bag for overnights at the grandparents, etc. His current bag is just too small - he's had it since he was tiny. Will be popping over to Peekawho to check it out! Have a wonderful weekend, Julie!

  4. That monogram bow swaddle!! SO CUTE and Sadie is just so sweet :) Thanks for sharing the new shop!

  5. That monogram bow swaddle & monogram bunny are both so precious! That first picture of Sadie is the sweetest :)

  6. OMG that bow swaddle on Sadie.... I die!! She really is one precious babe! It also makes me super sad because Caroline is so big now..... waaaaaaahhhhh

  7. The bow swaddle is cute. And Sadie is adorable! Congratulations on getting a good night of sleep.

  8. I have been swooning over that bow swaddle since I saw it the other day! So so sweet - hopefully I'll get to get one for our next adoption! We shall see. And that bunny, not sure if Ellie really needs another one but oh my it's so cute!!


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