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Get in the Photo

July 31, 2015

 photo 7O8A7296.jpg
Let's be real....having your picture taken a few days after giving birth isn't on anyone's list of favorite activities. Unless you are the Duchess of Cambridge of course....and I'm not convinced she's a real person. She's basically 80% unicorn. And has a team of stylists that help make her look like that, right? Where's my team?

 photo 7O8A7353.jpg
Anyway, I wasn't too excited about getting in front of the camera for Sadie's newborn photos...but I knew I would regret it if I didn't. And when I look at the photos right now I see my face was still bloated, my arms and belly don't look like they normally do, my hands are swollen, and I'm just a little bit tired. 

 photo 7O8A6783.jpg
But I know that when Sadie is all grown up those things won't matter to me. All I'll see is a beautiful record of my first week with my sweet baby girl. I'll see how little she was, how cute she was with that little wrinkly forehead. How tiny her feet were. My post-baby body won't even matter.

 photo 7O8A6771.jpg
So as much as I can, I'm trying to embrace this time. I know it won't always be like this. The baby weight will come off eventually...or it won't. And that will be okay. My babies are worth it. 

 photo 7O8A7248.jpg
One day I'll miss that postpartum body....because she got to fit both babies in her lap.

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The Breastfeeding Diaries: Charity from Our Pemberley

July 29, 2015

Hi everyone, I am Charity and I blog at Our Pemberley. I am married to an amazing man, Jose. I became a mom in May of 2014 to our handsome son, Theodore. I knew right away when we found out that we were expecting I wanted to breast feed. So, I set out to read all I could about being successful. By the time our son arrived I could have probably taught a class on the subject I had read so much.

In the hospital the nursery nurse got him to latch right away, and I remember thinking thank the Lord this is going to work. Overnight I kept feeding him, but it was excruciating each time he latched. The next day we were visited by the lactation consultant who by this time could tell I was in a lot of pain with each feeding. She worked with us for the better part of an hour and brought in a nipple shield to help with the pain of latching. I was still not going to let this set back deter me from successfully beast feeding. 

Fast forward a week to Teddy's first checkup and we realized he was still not back to birth weight. The doctor mentioned supplementation at this appointment, but I wanted to try everything before we went that route. I went to a few la leche league meetings and sought the help of the lactation consultant I had seen in the hospital. They all said I was doing great and that Teddy was eating fine. 

When we returned to the doctor for his two week checkup he had only gained an ounce. Talk about disheartened, I was in tears when the doctor said we should supplement. When my husband  gave Teddy that first bottle I had to leave the room because I felt like such a failure.

Slowly Teddy started gaining weight with the supplementation. I, however, started to realize that I had supply issues. I would pump for half an hour and only get a half an ounce. Also, if Teddy went longer without feeding I never experienced the engorgement that so many people talk about. Eventually we made the decision to stop breast feeding all together at six weeks. I was heartbroken, but it really was for the best. My son and I were finally able to enjoy one another instead of dreading mealtimes. I was finally able to get some much needed rest as well. It is amazing how the world looks so different when you sleep. 

Now at fourteen months we have a happy, healthy, and very intelligent toddler. If I could offer one piece if advice it would be to not be disappointed if breast feeding doesn't work for you and your little one. The most important thing is that you are doing what is best for you and baby. At the end of the day your are still mom and you will still have a close connection with your little one. 

I have been asked if I would try it again with a second child and to that I most emphatically say yes! I do not believe that just because it didn't work this time that it will never work. I will, however, have a much more flexible goal and know that no matter what happens I will always do what is best for my baby.

Thanks to Julie for the opportunity to guest post and I hope y'all enjoyed our story!

Be sure to catch up with the rest of the Breastfeeding Diaries at the top of my navigation bar.

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Sadie's Newborn Photos

July 28, 2015

 photo 7O8A6507.jpg
I'm finally getting around to sharing Sadie's newborn photo session! Katie Grace Photography did a great job ranging my crazy crew and I'm so thankful for these pictures of our little family!

 photo 7O8A6612.jpg
 photo 7O8A6689.jpg
 photo 7O8A6596.jpgI have a similar photo of Hudson's little feet and I'm just pinching myself that I am the mama of two sweet babes.

 photo 7O8A6760.jpg
 photo 7O8A6860.jpg
 photo 7O8A6886.jpgThis may be my favorite photo of my husband ever. I'm so excited to see him be a daddy to a sweet little girl!

 photo 7O8A7496.jpgMy mom made Sadie's headband and added the pom pom trim to her blanket. It's so sweet, I can't get over it!

 photo 7O8A6983.jpgHudson being a good big brother!

 photo 7O8A7517.jpg
 photo 7O8A7058.jpg
Our family of four. Love love love.

 photo 7O8A7034.jpgYes...we bribed Hudson with fruit snacks. 

 photo 7O8A7126.jpg
Love this one of Hudson!

 photo 7O8A7156.jpgI sweet.

 photo 7O8A7483.jpg

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Hey Friday

July 24, 2015

I can't believe it's Friday! Life with two kids seems to be flying by in a blur of sleepless nights, belly laughs, baby smiles, sticky hands, and lots of memories made. The days kind of run together and then all of a sudden it's the weekend....not complaining but time needs to SLOW DOWN.

 photo IMG_0273.jpg
This is hands down my new favorite photo of sweet Sadie Mae. I know I'm biased but dang she's so cute! After snapping these photos she took an epic nap all snuggled up in this crate in my living room. Love her so. (headband by Ellia May Designs)

Speaking of sleep, this little muffin slept from 10pm until 5:45am last night! Who is this girl? I know better than to expect that every night (the night before she was up every two hours) but I'll take what I can get! Neither of my kids are the best sleepers so I'm just thankful for a full night of sleep every now and then....even if I still wake up at 3am to check if she's still breathing.

Let's get back to that sweet sleeping babe.....
 photo IMG_0265.jpg
This week I'm SO exited to share with you that my good friends at Peekawhoo have launched a brand new website and it is full of adorableness!  Sadie is wrapped up in their Monogrammed Bow Swaddle and it is the sweetest thing ever! It's the softest blanket with the cutest bow. I just about died when I wrapped her up in it!

 photo IMG_9813.jpg
Peekawho also is behind Hudson's cute duffle and travel bag. We take these to swim lessons ever week and people keep stopping me to ask where they are from! I tried to get Hudson to pose for a photo but you know....toddlers.

Right now use code "LAUNCHJR" for 20% off your purchase a Peekawhoo! Now is the time to pick up a Monogrammed Bunny! As you know we LOVE ours and they make the most perfect new baby gifts....or even save it for Easter! This code is kind of a big deal and good for one week only so hurry!!!

In other news, this happened. #HeartExploded

p.s.....don't forget about my #MoreMinutes post. I would LOVE it if you got more info HERE. Thanks my friends!

Have a great weekend my friends! Linking up with these lovely ladies....

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife!


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