Oh Hey Friday

June 5, 2015

Oh Hey Friday...nice to see you again. This week my post is brought to you entirely by iPhone photos. #pregnant #lazy

{one} Yep, I'm still pregnant. 39 weeks and 2 days. And it would be kind of awesome if baby decided to come today. Jon and I were married on October 5th. Hudson was born on September 5th. So June 5th would work for us pretty nicely. Come on baby!

{two} I've been doing my best to fill up Hudson's love tank before the baby arrives. We've done lots of fun things and cuddled on the couch and in bed more times than I can count. He knows something is up and has been crazy cranky and clingy. And don't get me started on bedtime. It's been up to a three hour battle. And I'm exhausted. I'm trying to remind myself that his whole world is going to change and he just needs a little extra mommy time. But dang, it's been a rough week on this super pregnant mommy. 

{three} This week a friend brought this quote to my attention and it has helped me get through the rough patches: "It will be gone before you know it. The fingerprints on the wall appear higher and higher. Then suddenly they disappear." - Dorothy Evslin. It pretty much puts everything in to perspective, right?

{four} I totally forgot to blog about our May Citrus Lane box! Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription service for your little one. Click here for 40% off your first box AND free shipping. I age Hudson up by 6 months in the system and we've always been happy with our surprises each month. And Hudson loves getting a special box in the mail just for him. This month we got Portions to Go from Goodbyn. We have a few other containers from Goodbyn and love them, so I was excited to see these in our box. They will come in handy once Hudson starts real school! We also got this fun Finger Paint Set by Manhattan Toy Co. It came with several fun "tools" to paint with and the paint is kind of gelatin like. It's really different and Hudson loves it! Also in our box were some Sand Toys (Master Bricklayer Set) by Hape (which hello, huge hit in our house) and Sunscreen Bands from Sunburn Alert. They let you know when you child has been in the sun too long or may need more sunscreen. We don't really need these in our house since I am the Queen of Sunscreen, but Hudson likes that they have a "big green guy" (the Hulk) on them. 

{five} Silly boy. Hudson is very particular lately about his clothes. You can't see it, but he has on his jammies and boots that are too big and on the wrong feet. He totally rocked this look all day. I'm picking my battles, that's for sure. 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Please send good baby vibes my way!

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18 Responses to “Oh Hey Friday”

  1. Wow, 39 weeks, so exciting MAMA! YOu look great and love all your pictures with your lil man! Have a fabulous weekend, pretty lady!

  2. Oh my goodness--he has his own seat on your tummy! haha You look fabulous, girl! Baby watch continues!!!

  3. Gods vibes indeed; I'm all about keeping traditions going. ;)

    Enjoy the cuddles and get some rest!

  4. Yay I hope it's baby day for you!!! Haha Scarlett is also known to rock the boots on the wrong feet and PJs. Like you said, I pick my battles!!

  5. Glad you are squeezing In as many Hudson snuggles as you can! C'mon baby! And I love that quote!

  6. Come on baby!! But you look so good I'm sure you could last another few weeks... The rule is you have to hit hot mess status before the babe will make its debut.

  7. So close!!! Hope the baby makes an appearance today!!!

  8. Hope that baby comes soon for you! I know these last couple of days and weeks are tough, but you are almost to the end! Hang in there:)

  9. Hope your new sweet little one comes soon! Have a great weekend!

  10. Come on Baby!!! Both my daughters were born on the 4th of their months at 8a in the morning, totally worked for me :)

  11. Looking so cute and I'm loving that kimono! Here's to a sweet little baby making his or her appearance very soon!

  12. so excited for you! your kimonos are always the CUTEST and can't wait to see what baby is ♥

  13. Love your kimono! And your hair (which I've said before). Hoping you have your new addition soon!

  14. awh! I love the first picture with him on your cute belly :) and I really like that quote! Although I don't have kids, it's good advice for the future to enjoy all the moments I have with my kids before they grow up and start their own families.sending baby vibes that this one helps keep up the 5th tradition!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  15. You look adorable!! Hope your baby comes today on the 5th (I am a math teacher, so love numbers stuff like this!) My in laws were married June 27, my sister in law was born February 27, brother in law on November 27 & my husband was due on May 27, but arrived early on May 18. They love the number 27 in his family :)

  16. Oh man. Toddlers. HAHA! Weston has been really clingy lately too! "no mom-mom!" for everything! MOM-MOM NEEDS A BREAK. :) But that quote is so true - it'll be gone way too fast and I'll miss that little toddler voice!

  17. I just came across your blog. You look adorable! I had my second child almost 6 months ago and it has been an incredible journey. I think your little guy is going to do great with the new baby! :)

  18. Aww sweet Hudson!! His world is about to be rocked but, no doubt he's going to be a great big brother!!


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