Oh Hey Friday

May 22, 2015

Happy Friday my friends! 

{one} I took Hudson out on a "date" this week to Build-A-Bear....I was worried it was going to be a disaster and that maybe I was taking him there more for me than for him (which was kind of true). But he LOVED it and had so much fun building his puppy. And he's still talking about it, so I'm quietly patting myself on the back for coming up with a pregnancy-friendly activity for us to do!

{two} These babies are on sale and calling my name....wouldn't they be so cute for summer?

{three} We are officially on baby watch....even though we still have 3 more weeks and I'm not having contractions or anything. I've told my family to have their phones on and be ready to go.....I guess that means I should pack my bag too? I can't even remember what I packed last time, but I know I brought way to much stuff. I still need some more of these nursing tanks because I basically lived in them last time! 

{four} I've been craving chinese chicken salad like crazy! I think I've had this exact meal at least 4 times this week.....so so so good. 

{five} There's still time to make your Norwex order! Details here.....trust me, you don't want to miss out on these fabulous products. 

And now the link ups....

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11 Responses to “Oh Hey Friday”

  1. Aww he definitely looks like he had a good time at Build a Bear--and if he's still talking about it? Definitely a win! Yay for baby watch!!! Can't wait to hear the big news!!! :)
    Have a great weekend with that little cutie! :)

  2. That shirt on Hudson is adorable, I love it! And I'm always craving a chicken asian salad, it's just so good right?

    Have a fabulous weekend, woohoo baby watch!

  3. Yaaaay for baby watch, and love Hudsons little outfit! Can't wait to hear the good news!

  4. Yay for BAB! I hope you're having fun soaking up hudsons last moments as an only child! And that salad looks delicious! Happy Friday!

  5. That Hudson? Well he is just too cute. Love his adorable little face! And good job on coming up with a fun activity to do together, Mama! I've been wondering if Caleb would be old enough for Build A Bear. Maybe we'll try it:)

  6. I love that you two went on a build a bear date - so fun!! Don't you just love love love Norwex? It has changed my cleaning life!!

  7. Those shoes are adorable! I love the color!

  8. Looks like he had a blast! My middle daughter just got those same shoes for her bday, so funny that they are back in style!!

  9. Love those shoes and love the shirt your little guy is wearing. So cute!

  10. We totally took Scarlett to build a bear after my ultrasound this week and she loved it but I think I loved it more... I mean how cute is it?! I am loving converse, I bought my first pair a month or so ago and I live in them, I've also been eyeing up the ones you linked ;)

    I can't believe you're on baby watch!! How exciting! :) Good luck with everything, will be thinking of you and I can't wait to hear the news!!!


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