Clean Cleaning

May 7, 2015

Now that I'm a mom, I've made a conscious effort to make sure that I'm not using unnecessary harsh chemicals in our home. We've switched over to "green" cleaners, essential oils, and most recently Norwex products. For the past several months I've been using a Norwex EnviroCloth to clean my kitchen and bathrooms....and it has been nothing but amazing! I’ll admit I was a little skeptical being told I could clean with just water and remove 99.9% of germs but it's true. I love that I can clean with just water and the cloth and know that my home is fresh, chemical free, and most importantly safe for Hudson and baby #2!

Sara, a Norwex representative, has been working with me to teach me how to use Norwex products and water to clean just about anything! I cleaned my entire bathroom and kitchen in half the usual time and didn't risk exposing my baby to harsh chemicals. Total win-win in my book.  Check out this youtube video that shows you how well these cloths clean up a plate that was rubbed with raw chicken better than a commercial cleaner and vinegar/peroxide...crazy!!

Sara recently sent me some make-up removal cloths and I'm totally head over heels for them! I have super sensitive skin and make-up removers often leave my skin feeling raw and irritated. With these cloths I can just use water and it takes off all my make-up! Totally a time and money saver in my book....and it doesn't irritate my skin. Love love love. These are a must-have for any busy mom!

We've also been using the Norwex kid's towel and I've been really happy with it. Hudson loves his towel....mostly because it's GREEN, but also because it's really soft and gets him dry super fast, which is necessary when you are the busiest boy on the planet!

Hudson gets excited to use his "GREEN towel!!!" And I love that is really absorbent and soft. 

All of the Norwex cleaning cloths are machine washable so you can use them over and over, which makes for such a great cost savings over time. No more buying expensive cleaning products....Norwex and a little water and I'm all set!

If you are looking for more information about how to use Norwex products, I highly recommend you visit Sara's website and check out some of these additional videos on YouTube that better explain the products and how to use them; each presentation is roughly 10 minutes long.

Norwex Presentation Part 1 - Three most popular and core Norwex products are discussed - EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt. Includes explanation of how each product works, demonstrations, and how to wash are care for your cloths.

Norwex Presentation Part 2 - Products discussed and demonstrated include - oven and grill cleaner, cleaning paste, spirisponge, spirinetts, mop system, and rubber brush.

Norwex Presentation Party 3 - Products discussed include makeup removal cloth, baby body pack cloths, face and neck gel, day and night cream, organic shea butter, toothbrush, and mattress spray.

Norwex Presentation Part 4 - Products discussed include bathroom scrub mitt, laundry soap, dryer balls, odor eliminator, veggie and fruit scrub cloth, and fresh produce wash.

A great option for beginners is the Basic Package, which includes 1 Enviro Cloth and 1 Window Cloth for $31.99. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! You can also view the special offers for May here

To learn more about Norwex, view the catalog or read commonly asked FAQs visit Sara’s website. Orders can be emailed directly to Sara at (be sure to mention you are coming from The Girl in the Red Shoes!) or you can send them to me and I’ll forward them onto Sara.

Please submit your order by May 29th. Once Sara receives your order she will enter it into the system and let you know what your final total is, including tax and shipping and handling. Payment can be made my check, credit card or PayPal. Products ship directly to you.

If you have any questions feel free to email Sara at

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5 Responses to “Clean Cleaning”

  1. Looks like a great product line!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. Those look like amazing products. I'm always on the look out for a good makeup removing cloth.

  3. I do love Norwex too!

  4. This is great! I've been looking for someone to buy Norwex through since I want to get some more of their things. We have the window cloth and enviro cloth and love them!

  5. I've been a Norwex consultant for almost 2 years now and it's one of the best decision I made. Love Norwex and love not having ANY harsh chemicals in the house.


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