Boon SUDS Bottle Washer

April 13, 2015

A few weeks ago I was sent a Boon SUDS Bottle Washer...and even though we aren't washing bottles right now, we are washing a TON of slippy cups, so I was intrigued.

The Boon SUDS Bottle Washer easily lets you wash bottles and sippy cups with simple one-handed pump operation. You basically filly up the bowl with soapy water and then push your sippy cup down  on the brush. It squirts soapy water up in to the bottle while scrubbing it. 

In all honesty I was super impressed with the design! Boon has never let us down and this was no exception. It was so much faster than scrubbing sippy cups by hand, and the water jet and spinning scrubbing action ensures a thorough cleaning. I only wish I had this when I was washing bottles every night! 

The Boon SUDS Bottle Washer fits in your sink and works with most bottles and sip cups. It worked on all of the cups I tried. You can also pop in in the dishwasher for even easier cleaning. You can find yours at Target and You can view a video of the washer in action here

I remember dreading washing Hudson's bottles. It took forever to scrub every little bit and my hands got so dry from all the washing. I can't wait to try this on baby #2's bottles! It is going to make life SO much easier, I'm sure.

All opinions and my love for the Boon SUDS Bottle Washer are my own.

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2 Responses to “Boon SUDS Bottle Washer”

  1. As a new mom-to-be I am dreading all the hand washing of bottles. This items looks so neat. I'm adding it to the registry for sure.

  2. Oh my gosh, this thing looks awesome! Bottle washing is the worst.


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