Snow Day Treats

February 5, 2015

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We've had a lot of snow days around here lately. And snow days with a two year old are tough, especially when it's too cold to go outside. So I've had to get a little creative. Thankfully, these Honey Maid Go Bites have saved the day on more than one occasion. 

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Hudson doesn't let anything come between him and his post-nap snack. And I don't blame him...these babies were good! We love anything graham cracker in our house, so I knew these would be a big hit. 

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I made a little snow man out of marshmallows and mini chocolate chips for Hudson to enjoy. He thought it was SO much fun!

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We tried Honey Maid Go Bites in both vanilla and chocolate...and I think I liked vanilla best. I won't even admit to you how many I ate! But Hudson for sure preferred the chocolate. Honey Maid Go Bites are crispy graham pockets filled with delicious ingredients, and made with 7g of whole grains and 5g of protein per serving. Baked with whole grains, Honey Maid Go Bites contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors.

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We do a lot of "let's pretend we are puppies" in our house. I think he enjoyed his snack, don't you?

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Honey Maid Go Bites can be found at mass retailers nation wide. We really enjoyed them and will buy them again. I appreciate that they are made with whole grains and real honey, without high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors. Perfect for a picky toddler that wants a special treat!

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6 Responses to “Snow Day Treats”

  1. Awww, what cute treats! I love the picture of him being a puppy!

  2. How cute are you with that little snowman snack idea? Adorable! Caleb would love that too, so I'll have to try it. Along with those new graham cracker snacks - I think Caleb would like those too:)

  3. We haven't tried these yet, but they are being added to my list for sure! Xavier will love them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I haven't seen those in the stores yet, but when I do I am definitely buying some!

  5. when they act like puppies, don't you? =) And Hudson's hair is just too cute.

    The snacks? Those just look delicious!

  6. I found these yesterday at Target!


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