24 Weeks

February 17, 2015

How far along? 24 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it!

Maternity clothes? Still mixing and matching maternity and non maternity. It's getting tough because most of my maternity stuff is for the summer, and it's 10 degrees here! But I am looking at my 24 week photo with Hudson right now and I'm wondering where that cute top is! I need to pull out my maternity stuff again and re-evaluate. 

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: Still have some pregnancy insomnia and Hudson has had a cold and hasn't been sleeping well. Which means I'm up for at least 2 hours in the middle of the night. No fun at all. 

Best moment this week:  Feeling lots and lots of kicks from this active little boy or girl has totally been the best. I went to the dentist yesterday and made my next appointment....which by that time I'll have TWO kids! Crazy town!

Miss Anything? Sleep! 

Movement: Yep, lots of movement up in here! This kid is active and likes to party all night. 

Food cravings: Still craving cottage cheese and I want to drink Arnold palmers (tea/lemonade) all the time. Oh, and ice cream. And pie.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still getting sick randomly. I had a rough day yesterday and basically spent all day on the couch. And driving is still tough too. 

Gender: We'll find out in June!

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: Just the bump and feeling tired!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Pretty good overall. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and then see myself in the mirror or feel a big kick and it catches me off guard. I feel a lot more distracted this pregnancy, probably because I'm spending so much time chasing around and caring for a two year old! But I'm so excited for this baby and love him/her just as much!

Looking forward to:  I can tell you I'm NOT looking forward to my glucose test today! Fingers crossed that I pass...because if I have to say no to ice cream and pie I might loose my mind. I am honestly just looking forward to having this baby already...I can't wait!

View me at 24 weeks with Hudson here.

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15 Responses to “24 Weeks”

  1. OH my goodness, you are so stinking cute in that picture lady. I love the outfit!

    Sending you good sleep vibes. I know I"m a mess when I don't get sleep, I can't imagine being pregnant, too! Hope your lil one feels better soon!


  2. Love that sweet baby belly! Grow, baby, grow!!!

    I am dealing with the insomnia too and it is ROUGH. It's hard to function normally all day after sleeping so little. You'd think after so little sleep and then chasing a toddler all day, I'd collapse into bed at night. But no. Instead, I lay down and feel wide awake. So frustrating! So I feel ya, girl!

    Wishing you luck on your glucose test today. I'm sure all will be well:)

  3. I was having insomnia around that time too. Hopefully it will go away soon! Pregnant and sleep deprived is a cruel joke. Good luck on your test today, I was diagnosed with GD after mine..and yeah, it sure sucks not being able to eat sweets. :( I'm sure you'll be okay!

  4. Cutie!! Hope you rock that glucose test today! xx

  5. Good luck for the glucose test today Julie! You look insanely good though!!!! I hope you get some better nights sleep again soon!! xx

  6. Good luck for the glucose test today Julie! You look insanely good though!!!! I hope you get some better nights sleep again soon!! xx

  7. Ahhh precious!! You are the cutest. Good luck on the glucose test! I failed the first one with Kennedy and passed with Caroline!!

  8. Good luck on the glucose test! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the pie is still a go for you! :)

  9. Moving right along and looking great! Crazy how sick you've been this time around...wonder if that has any significance to the gender??

  10. Your bump is too cute for words!! And I have decided to root for team girl because I reeeeally would be sad if your good hair genes didn't get passed down to a little girl.

  11. You look great! I just did the glucose test yesterday (I am 28 weeks). You look great and I hear ya about forgetting that you are pregnant. My two year old keeps my attention most of the time, and then when I look in the mirror it is like Whoa!

  12. You look amazing! Am I crazy to say this makes me want to be pregnant again? Probably. Hope the glucose test wasn't too bad. That was always the worst.

  13. such an adorable pregnant lady. <3
    i love this "update" on the pregnant life. i can't wait for this to be me :)

  14. Playing blog catch up here.. you look great! So awesome you are still mixing maternity and non maternity clothes. Boo to poor sleep -- hope by now you're getting some!! And I still can't believe you are waiting to find out the gender at birth -- that's so awesome!


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