We're Halfway There!

January 20, 2015

20 weeks! Can you believe it! I can't believe we're halfway there. Except I just glanced at my calendar and I'm not 20 weeks until tomorrow. This whole time I've been thinking my weeks change on Tuesday, but it's actually Wednesday. 2nd-time-around-mommy fail. Oh well.

How far along? 19 weeks and 6 days if you want to get technical. And looking more like I'm at least 24 weeks.  

Maternity clothes? Mixing in maternity with non-maternity. It's hard because I'm already tall, so many of my tops are already too short.  

Stretch marks? Nothing new on that front!

Sleep: Pretty good. It's my first baby that's been keeping me up at night, not this second one! 

Best moment this week:  Hudson finally getting back in to his regular sleeping patterns and feeling lots of kicks from baby #2. 

Miss Anything? I miss sleeping on my stomach, but that's really it. 

Movement: Yep, lots of movement up in here! And Jon can feel the little kicks too. It's funny because we were so used to Hudson's big kicks when I was super pregnant, so these little ones still catch us off guard. 

Food cravings: Still craving cottage cheese and blackberries like it's my job. And also lemon meringue pie....so good.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still get a little sick in the car, but I've gone all week without tossing my cookies....yay!

Gender: We'll have to wait for June 10 to find out! We have an ultrasound appointment next week but are going to tell them we don't want to know the gender. As long as I can keep strong, that is!

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: Just tired all the time and I'm sore all over. I don' t remember being uncomfortable this early with Hudson. 

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Pretty good overall. My roommate from college is 23 weeks pregnant and has been hospitalized on strict bed rest. She's already lost three babies and has never made it this far along. They are hoping her baby girl can stay cooking as long as possible, but it will be a really tough battle. Every single day counts. It really put everything in perspective for me. Things can change so fast. I'm heartbroken for her. Her name is Stephanie and I know she would appreciate your prayers! Thanks friends. (Updated: Stephanie started a blog to keep everyone up to date...here's the link if you are interested.) 

Looking forward to:  Seeing a healthy baby on the ultrasound next week. And I think my 20 week bump pic with Hudson might be one of my favorites....you can see it here. I love that in that post we already knew he was a boy!

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18 Responses to “We're Halfway There!”

  1. The CUTEST!!!!!!!! Good luck at your ultrasound! XO

  2. You are looking great!!! Halfway there!!!

  3. You look good momma - and good luck for your ultrasound and well done for the will power to not find out the gender! We didn't find out with both our girls and it was such a fun surprise!

    I am so sorry about your friend being on bed rest - sending well wishes and prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

  4. You are just moving right along huh? Is it going by faster this time since you have a toddler running around? You are looking awesome!

  5. You look seriously adorable, Julie! I remember reading all your bumpdates with Hudson and just thinking you were THE cutest preggo I'd ever seen- and that still holds true with baby #2 :) Praying for your friend, Stephanie!

  6. You look so awesome!! such a cute bump! Glad you are feeling better. Prayers sent for your friend and hope your US is all good even if wait to find out!

  7. You look fabulous Julie! If you really want the gender to be a surprise be super careful while watching the screen! I spotted this baby's penis long before they said anything!

  8. Adorable, little mama! Congrats on the halfway point - it's so fun to know that it's all downhill from here:) Wishing you guys a good ultrasound, with a healthy little one! Still thinking that your symptoms sound super close to mine, so there very well could be a gorgeous little redheaded girl in there:) But, we shall see!!!

    On a side note, thinking and praying for your sweet friend right now. That's just terrible. Hopefully she can carry that baby for just a couple more weeks - I think 27 weeks is the age where babies stand a good chance, despite being very premature. Please update us on her when you can!

  9. Halfway there! And stay strong during the ultrasound ;) although I'm dying to know!!

  10. Ah so exciting you are going to wait! And lots of t&ps for your roommate!

  11. Feels like things are flying! You look wonderful! Thinking of your friend...will be checking out her blog to wish her well. xx

  12. You look so cute! Congrats and making it halfway and lots of prayers going out for your friend and her baby.

  13. Lots of prayers for Stephanie...it really does put things into perspective! You are looking great!!! I can't believe you're halfway there!! :) Lemon anything sounds good right now!! I haven't had any long-lasting cravings, but there are certainly some random ones!!

  14. You look awesome!! I'm always impressed with the couples that can wait till baby is born to learn the gender! I know it has to be the best surprise ever, but I can't wait!

  15. You look wonderful! Best of luck at your u/s! Enjoy seeing that bambino! :)

  16. I'll be praying for your friend! And I'm excited that you aren't finding out the gender until his/her birthday! I'm thinking we might wait to find out with our next baby, too... it seems even more fun!

  17. Any news on your friends baby Ana? Last post is her water broke on Sunday....have been praying for them!!


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