Stylish Winter Fashion Trends for Busy Moms

January 10, 2015

Just because you’re a mom, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop looking and feeling stylish. It goes without saying these days that some of the most stylish women in the fashion and celebrity scene these days are actually parents themselves.

Fashion and beauty play a big part in making us feel good about ourselves. They can often give us the confidence boost that we need, especially on a hectic day!

Whether you are expecting a baby and are looking for must have pregnancy essentials or a busy mom juggling kids and a career, you can find a few handy tips here.

Some of the biggest winter trends include comfortable, yet fitted pants that will keep you looking great. It is important to keep your legs warm during winter, and if you can find a stylish pair, then you’ll find they are invaluable for your winter wardrobe.  

A good quality bag is a real ‘must have’ fashion trend for busy moms. We need somewhere to store that multitude of junk that we seem to need to carry around with us, and it needs to be stylish yet practical.

Opt for a bag design that is versatile. Choose a bag that has various options for carrying. You can buy handbags with detachable shoulder straps. These are perfect for when you want to switch up your look on the go.

Choose a dark material that won’t stain easily. You can buy various designer bags now that are specifically aimed at mums. These come with plenty of handy pockets and compartments for storing essentials as well as your iPad and phone.

Winter boots are a real style statement. Simple ankle boots are really on trend right now. These can have a plain zip or more recently we have seen the introduction of shiny metal hardware in the form of oversized buckles and studded flecks.

You can choose a simple kitten heel if you need something that is perfect for daytime wear, or opt for more of a heel for eveningwear and dining out. There are so many ways to wear them!

Fringed boots are perfect for a casual look with just a hint of detail. Choose a fabric that is waterproof to ensure that your feet stay warm during the colder months.

Knee high boots are growing in popularity. Wear them with a small heel or keep them flat for everyday wear. This can easily achieve a smart yet casual look.

You can find winter boots in every price bracket. From designer brands like the highly coveted Christian Louboutin to budget boots from your local high street stores. These are often far more practical and hardwearing.

Jewellery and accessories for busy moms can be kept simple yet stylish. Avoid long length necklaces that are going to cause injury when you pick your baby or toddler up. Obviously, items with sharp edges are a big no-no too!

Modern gold or silver coin necklaces or solitaires are really fashionable right now. If you can’t afford to splash out on gold or diamonds then opt for gold vermeil and cubic zirconia. These are now being produced in styles so classy that you’ll barely even notice the difference.  

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