Poncho Love and Keeping My Colors Bright

January 22, 2015

 Can I please wear a poncho every day? It's like wearing a blanket but it's still socially acceptable. You can find my poncho here. It's been so dark and gloomy lately so it was hard to capture a photo of it...but it's black with Marsala colored stripes. Marsala is Pantone's color of the year for 2015! 

Isn't it pretty? I need to find a nail polish that is Marsala....if you know of a good one let me know!

 I want to wear this color all day, every day. 

At first I was nervous about washing a delicate, dark colored item. I recently discovered Clorox® Darks & Denim and I have to say I was impressed. It really lived up to the hipe and kept the colors of my poncho vibrant. 

Do you have trouble with your darks fading? Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim is formulated with 2 times the color boosting power and removes 4 times more stains than are removed with pre-treating, and won’t cause fading. Here are some great tips from Clorox!

Treating Tough Stains on Marsala and other dark-colored clothes:
  • For tough stains, like wine coffee and grass, be sure to pre-treat. First, remove the garment: do not treat clothing while wearing it.
  • Remove all loose dirt from the fabric and blot wet stains with a clean absorbent cloth.
  • Apply liquid Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim and rub it in.
  • Wait several minutes – don’t let it dry – then wash with like colors.

Got Specific Stains?

  • Got a tough deodorant stain? Apply liquid Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim directly to the deodorant stain and rub in. Wait 3-5 minutes (don't let it dry on the fabric), then wash immediately in the hottest water recommended on the care label with detergent and additional Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim based on your load size.
  • Spilled coffee during the commute? Rinse the stain from the back with cold water – it prevents it from sinking deeper into the fabric. When you’re home, pre-treat with Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim. Let the garment soak in cool water for a few minutes then launder with regular detergent on the hottest recommended water setting.Whether in this season’s hottest shade of Marsala or another amazing shade – lipstick can spell disaster for clothes. Some people swear by hairspray to prevent it from setting on the go. When you get home put a clean, dry cloth on the stain. Dab (don’t rub) the back of the stain with dish soap on a damp cloth. Be careful not to transfer the lipstick back onto the garment. Wash on the hottest recommended water setting with regular detergent and Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim.
  • It’s the holiday season, which means that while you’re getting festive, you may encounter a liquor or red wine spill. Before washing, pre-treat with Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim. Wash on the hottest recommended water setting with regular detergent and Clorox® 2 Darks & Denim.

How do I launder stained clothing?

  • For wine stains, launder on the hottest recommended water setting
  • For coffee stains, soak in cool water for a few minutes after pretreating. Then launder as usual on the hottest recommended water setting
  • For grass stains, launder on the hottest recommended water setting
  • Make sure the stain is gone before machine drying, as drying could cause the stain to further set

Thank you to Clorox for sponsoring today's post. All opinions are my own.

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11 Responses to “Poncho Love and Keeping My Colors Bright”

  1. If I could wear a poncho everyday I would.. They ares so comfy :) You look adorable

  2. I do in fact wear a poncho on the daily. It's like the legging rule of pregnancy TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE!

  3. Looks so comfy! OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ isn't quite as bright as marsala, but it would be a great color to coordinate with it!

  4. I need to try a poncho - and pregnancy is the perfect time to do it! Also, was literally just thinking about how upset I am that my favorite black leggings and yoga pants seem to be fading with every wash, so this detergent is def something I am going to look into. Like, asap. Thanks for the recommendation, Julie!:)

  5. LOVE that poncho on you, and love marsala! I have been on the lookout for a good polish so I'll let you know if I do find one! ;)

  6. My winter coat is basically looking redonk with this baby bump, so I'm thinking a poncho might have to be my winter coat substitute to make it to spring.

  7. Love it, so cute on you! And loving marsala, too! XO

  8. You look great in that color- I want a nailpolish in that color too! Let me know if you find a good one ;)

  9. Ok, now I need a poncho. You look adorable!

  10. That poncho in the snow pic? Perfection!

  11. I have never used this Clorox, but it seems really nice! Very beautiful poncho, by the way! :) Thanks for the post! Greets, Hornsey Carpet Cleaners Ltd.


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