Oh Hey Friday!

January 16, 2015

Happy Friday! Let's do this!

{one} Did you miss my farmhouse table post from yesterday? Because you really shouldn't....there's a Target gift card up for grabs too. Can you tell I'm in love?

{two} Our Citrus Lane box arrive this week! Citrus Lane is a subscription box for little ones that is taylored to the age and gender of your child. Hudson always loves his box and opening it up to see the surprises inside is part of the fun! Click here for 50% off your first box and free shipping (you can cancel at any time.) I promise you it's worth a try! This month we got a Plus-Plus Midi Basic 20 piece construction toy. I love finding new products I've never heard of! These are like legos, but cooler. We are going to bust these out this weekend since it's too cold to go outside...I know Hudson will love them. Up next we received sample of Smarty Pants kids multivitamin. I've been on the lookout for a good vitamin for Hudson so I'm anxious to try these out. He'll think they are candy and demand more, I'm sure! I need to do some more research but these look pretty awesome, gluten free, no tree nuts or dairy, no preseratives or HFCS, colors artificial flavors. We also got to pick which game we received this go around (which I love!) so I picked this Petit Collage Train memory game. Choo-choos are big in our house! Finally we got a reusable squirt pouch that Hudson has already begged to try. I like this one because it's big and seems much easier to fill than ones we've tried in the past.

{three} I posted this photo of Hudson watching YouTube videos of people playing with toys on Instagram and everyone's comments cracked me up! He sat there for almost an hour. Thank goodness my son isn't the only one obsessed with these toy videos! They totally creep me out because it's almost always some weird guy's voice/hands....I'm always watching to make sure something inappropriate doesn't happen! And Hudson also likes watching videos of people opening up Easter eggs, which seems to be a big hit with your little ones too. So strange! But so comforting that I'm not alone! His little voice asking to "watch choo-choos on mommy's puter?" is just too sweet to resist. 

{four} Someone recommended this book to me and I can't wait to get my hands on it and read it. I want Hudson to have lots of memories of giggles in our home!

{five} I don't know if I've ever been so happy to see the weekend come around. I am exhausted! Hudson has woken up in the middle of the night each night this week crying...maybe from a nightmare? He can't really articulate why he's upset. But it's usually a 1-2 hour ordeal. Combine that with pregnancy exhaustion and I'm about to loose my mind. Naps for everyone this weekend!
And now the link ups....

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife!


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17 Responses to “Oh Hey Friday!”

  1. Omg we have seen the toy & egg videos too!!!! Haha! So weird! Happy weekend, hope you get some sleep! :)

  2. My girl hasnt seen the toy videos and I am NOT going to introduce her anytime soon. She does love to watch animals on youtube so there is that! Have to try a citrus lane box asap - always such great products in them. I have been dying to get my hands on that book. Might make a run to the bookstore or APP store and purchase it this weekend!

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  4. I have no idea what toy videos are, but so glad your lil guy loves em.

    That book sounds fabulous. My home was full of giggles and happiness and I hope to have the same for my kid.

    Happy Friday!

  5. I LOVED your farm table post this week--still loving it :)
    No idea about the rest of the kid-related stuff you mentioned, but I'm glad that he's liking them (and now you can get other people's kids addicted too lol)
    Have a fab weekend!

  6. Cam has been doing the same thing - waking up and not wanting to go back in his crib!! I finally convinced him that I can't sleep on the couch, so he's been staying in his crib, but I Have to do our bedtime routine all over again, then I can't fall back asleep for two hours...man, oh man! PS I can't wait to get our CL box...it gets delivered to my dad's house so I can open it without Cam seeing! Ha! PPS Cam LOVES watching the easter egg videos...so creepy. Have a great weekend!!

  7. Those toy videos are so creepy! Lex had a brief love affair with a creepy voiced woman who did play dough. And it's just weird! Yay for your table! And for it being Friday!

  8. Dying over that farmhouse table! It's beautiful and the chairs really complement it! Thanks for adding to The Pick!!

  9. In this House We Will Giggle is on my to read list to! I hope you have a great weekend and get those well-deserved naps.

  10. Ok I'm so glad I read that your son likes to watch those videos too! I was starting to get a little concerned that my daughter enjoyed watching them. & I'm loving that farm house table! Have a good weekend!

  11. That farmhouse table is gorgeous! Hope you get some much-needed rest this weekend.

    Happy Friday :)

  12. I hope you get some sleep!! We have been sleepless in our house recently too. Love those jammies and we havne't seen the videos yet but I have heard so much about them. I hope you'll do a book review! I've heard of that book.

  13. You poor mama! I hope you get some rest this weekend :) We were up last night for 2.5 hours and it was living hell, as was this morning bc of it. LOVE your farm table and you totally have me missing Citrus Lane! Sure a fun box this month!

  14. I've never heard of Citrus Lane! I'll have to check that out. Just found your blog from Five on Friday :)

  15. I've had that train game pinned for ever and never bought it. You're reminding me to check it out. Let us know how he likes it!

  16. My kids are absolutely obsessed with those toy videos on YouTube. They rarely watch cartoons now. I guess I shouldn't complain too much about because the channels that they watch are super kid-friendly and I don't have to worry about any suggestive content. It's also a good place to get gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas.


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