Good Eats

January 12, 2015

Now that I'm feeling a little more like myself, I'm trying to get back in to a routine of making dinner each night. Well, most nights. I don't really like to throw in several food aversions and it's been pretty interesting at our house. Here are a few things that we've been eating lately that I LOVE. I'm also always on the hunt for easy recipes to make during the week....please share your favorites with me ladies!

1. Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken from Damn Delicious. I made this last night and was delicious! It tasted like a fresher version of sweet and sour chicken that you would get at a Chinese restaurant. And it wasn't too hard...just time intensive (which I usually avoid, but it was too good to pass up). A quick word of warning.....I would suggest that if you have small children that you save this recipe for a weekend or for when your husband is home to help watch your kids while you cook. The beginning of the recipe you have raw chicken and raw egg and need to pay close attention to what you are can't leave it to tend to a little one. Luckily my husband was home while I made this so he watched Hudson. Once you get the chicken in the oven (it cooks for 55 minutes) you can tend to your kids...but for that first part, have help! My husband said this recipe was definitely worth the extra work! We both ate it for dinner and had enough leftovers for us each to take to work. Hudson wouldn't touch it....he doesn't know what he's missing.

2. Stuffed bell me. I make this ALL THE TIME. My husband is sort of over it, but Hudson loves it and so do I...which means it's on frequent rotation in our house. I've used both red and green peppers and it's good either way. My recipe is old and says 6 peppers...we usually just use 4 and give the extra stuffing (brown rice, ground turkey, and tomato sauce) to Hudson to eat since he doesn't like cooked peppers. If I remember, I usually make this with a side of cornbread. But usually I forget.

3. Sweet Sloppy Joes by Mix and Match Mama. These are so good. So so so good. Everyone loves them. I use ground turkey instead of beef and usually add a little extra meat because it's a little soupy. Make this's easy and yummy!

4. Korean Beef by Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers. Another fav in our house and another recipe where I substitute ground turkey for ground beef. Super easy to make too.

5. Grilled Cheese and tomato soup. We have this all the time too. And fyi, Costco has the BEST tomato soup. Hudson would eat soup every night if we let him!

What quick and easy recipes are your favorites for your family? I need some more ideas! Leave your links in the comments!

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11 Responses to “Good Eats”

  1. Yummy!!! I am all about the easy healthy dinners! We are constantly making these:
    Quinoa Enchilada Casserole (also Damn Delicious):
    Clean Eating Sloppy Joes:
    Buffalo Chicken Quinoa (this one is amazeballs):

    And we do a lot of "build your own burrito bowls. I make cilantro lime rice and then I set out black beans, corn, romaine, tomatoes, cheese, guac/avocado etc. and then we can build our own bowls! That's a big hit and easy to do. Totally going to try that baked sweet and sour chicken!!

  2. Yum! I'm stuck in the weelicious cookbook storm and I'm sure mike and lex would appreciate a few more recipes to add to the weekly collection :) glad you're feeling more like yourself!!

  3. I loved Damn Delicious...I keep finding so many great recipes on there!! PS I am so jealous that Hudson likes peppers...Cam will not eat any veggies!!

  4. We love grilled cheese and tomato soup! We are vegetarians and we make our grilled cheese a little more substantial with brie, Asian pears sliced thin, and BBQ sauce - so good. We sub Swiss sometimes too.

  5. Good to know about Costco's tomato soup! I keep meaning to try the Korean beef and always forget. Thanks for the reminder! Glad you're feeling better!

  6. First- why do you sub ground turkey? Just curious:)

    We (mom, dad, toddler) love taco cups. I cook and season taco meat (1/2 lb) and add drained black beans. I spoon the meat/beans into tostito scoops on a cookie sheet, top with shredded cheese and bake until cheese is melted. We add sour cream after baking.

    My daughter will also eat crock pot chili and crock pot potato soup (both topped with cheese of course:)

    I made Hawaiian chicken out of the blue last week with soy sauce/teriyaki sauce and canned pineapple, and it was a hit served over brown rice. I just looked at an allrecipe ingredient list and approximated.

    I want to try the sloppy joes now!

  7. Mmmm the sweet and sour chicken sounds great!

  8. I love weelicious pesto turkey meatballs! And we have veggie stuffed peppers a lot, I love Amy's tomato soup in the yellow can, so so good!

  9. Great ideas, I'm using the idea to sub ground turkey for these recipes!

  10. Wonderful ideas! Love all of them. I have to try them. Thank you so much. Look so delicious. These pictures make me hungry.
    Carpet cleaning Harrow

  11. These all look so good! I'm always on the hunt for new ideas, I feel like we eat the same things week after week!


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