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5 on Friday

May 30, 2014

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with the ladies of The Good LifeA. Liz Adventures,Carolina Charm, and Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday...and you should too! Let's do this!
{one} Turns out, despite being the best dog ever, Wrigley isn't the best babysitter. Bummer. Turned my back for two seconds and Hudson went for a swim in the water table.

{two} I think it's time for me to get a fitbit. Someone help me convince my husband that I NEED it!

{three} Spring has finally sprung at our house and we couldn't be happier. We basically spend all of our free time outside enjoying the fresh air. But let me say in Michigan is tough. Not only do I have to suffer through crazy long winters, but once it's finally nice outside there is SO MUCH WORK to do to get your yard in tip top shape. Oh my word. Life isn't fair. #somanyweeds

{four} Speaking of yard work...this broom set has been a game changer. After several attempts to sweep our porch and instead having my broom snatched out of my hands, I broke down and bought Hudson his own. Best purchase ever. His future wife is going to love me for teaching him to help out at such a young age! The best part? The broom is a toucan....which has prompted a lot of "Who can get the house beaky clean? You can, toucan!"

{five} In case you missed it, I'm teaming up with Natasha to give away one one but TWO $25 Sugar Bit gift cards! Sugar Bit has the cutest clothes for sure to enter here

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Hudson wears Sugar Bit...and a Giveaway!

May 29, 2014

 photo IMG_6794.jpg
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think dressing a little boy would be so much fun. Enter my new go-to place for adorable boys clothing: Sugar Bit. Hudson is head over heals in LOVE with his puppy shirt from Sugar Bit...and I am too!
 photo IMG_6995.jpg
Hudson would wear this shirt every day if I let him! Good thing it's cute! Also, let's note that the only way to get non-blurry photos of this boy is to sing "the wheels on the bus", point in the sky and say "airplane!" or....

 photo IMG_6978copy.jpg
 ...bribe him with food. He's starting to catch on to my tricks though, so I might need to get a little creative!
I love promoting small businesses....especially ones that were created by friends! Natasha was so sweet to send Hudson these whale pajamas, also from Sugar Bit, and oh my word, they are my favorites! I wish they came in my size!

Sugar Bit is known for it's beautiful collections and care, making the world a little more charming, one outfit at a cute is that?

 photo IMG_6810copy.jpg
Founded by Natasha Stoneking in 2013, this wife and mother of two created an online boutique of classic and trendy children’s clothing that offers an exceptional buying experience and delivers distinct brands at affordable prices.

Her dream was to open a retail clothing store of her own...from endless afternoons spent playing dress up as a child to working at retail stores throughout high school and college, she follows fashion trends and loves to play dress up even now. Natasha and her family live in Nashville, Tennessee, and their roots in Southern Hospitality are reflected in the pride Sugar Bit takes in assembling collections and helps guide the company’s commitment to delivering superior customer care.
Here's what Natasha has to say about her shop: At Sugar Bit, we offer staple girls and boys clothing options for newborns to 4-year olds, and we explore designers across the country, as well as internationally, selecting high-quality and versatile garments that are truly for any day or occasion. We believe that great style and high quality clothing shouldn't be hard to find or too expensive.

Kids fashion should be fun, playful and easy to mix and match. Sugar Bit offers a wide variety of brands to suit both traditional and trendy tots, as we dress the minis like we dress ourselves, a blend of on-trend items as well as the tried-and-true classics that never go out of style. We seek out beautiful clothes that will have your little ones always looking and feeling their best.
We work with a number of well-known designers including Pink Chicken, KicKee Pants, Peaches 'n Cream, Anthem of the Ants, Tooby Doo, Flit and Flitter, and Silkberry Baby, among others, and newer up and coming boutique brands like Emerald August, Bella Tunno, Hatley, Natalie Grant, Nui Organics, and Peppercorn Kids. We thank you for choosing Sugar Bit. Let’s shop together.

 photo IMG_6784copy.jpg
How Sugar Bit Benefits Shoppers/Buyers: 
  • Buyers are the central focus of Sugar Bit
  • Easy-to-navigate website that is created with the buyer in mind
  • Access to fashionable clothing options, not widely offered in national retailers
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Responsive and highly personal customer service
  • Useful information beyond the clothing shopping experience
Special Offers/Discounts/Etc: 
  • Free Shipping on All Orders Over $100
  • Free Personal Shopping Services
  • Weekly Promotions via Social Media 
  • Easy Exchange/Return Policy

Natasha has generously offered to give away not one, but TWO $25 Sugar Bit gift cards away to two luck readers! Enter below.

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The Breastfeeding Diaries: Jacque from Little Natural Mama

May 28, 2014

Hi! My name is Jacque, and I am from Huntsville, Alabama. I am married to a wonderful man named Jonathan, and we have an amazing little boy named Ben. I blog at Little Natural Mama

This is our breastfeeding journey:

On July 4, 2012, I gave birth to a firecracker named Benjamin Thomas who weighed 6 lbs. 14oz at 40 weeks gestation. He came into the world screaming and did so for an hour after he was born!

While I was in the hospital, the lactation specialists were not very helpful with getting Ben latched on. Luckily, I am a neonatal ICU nurse with experience in helping moms with breastfeeding. We went home from the hospital on Friday, July 6, and I thought all was well. Over the weekend, Ben woke up every hour after nursing and his latch was painful. On Saturday morning, I put in a frantic phone call to our NICU lactation consultant, Cindy. She had me pump and bottle feed Ben for the remainder of the weekend, and I went in to see Cindy on Monday morning. We tried to nurse, but Ben still would not latch on properly. Cindy tried a nipple shield, which worked perfectly. For the next week, I alternated pumping and bottle feeding and nursing with the shield because Ben was getting frustrated with it. At this point, Ben was nursing every hour and a half.  I pumped and bottle fed for another week. After that, we just nursed with the shield.

During those grueling first weeks, I had many plugged ducts and battled two bouts of mastitis.

When Ben was around 6 weeks old he refused the shield. I automatically thought that he was refusing to nurse, then I tried to latch him on without it. It was a success! He nursed for 45 minutes. I continued weekly weight checks for a few weeks, then we got into a groove. Ben started nursing every 2-3 hours at 7 to 8 weeks old as opposed to every 1 1/2 hours!

At 8 weeks, I returned to work on an as needed basis in the neonatal ICU. I had to pump every 3 hours religiously. As you can imagine, that is an incredible feat while caring for sick babies. I would wake up at 4:30 and either nurse Ben or pump for a morning bottle. Then, at work I would pump at 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, and again at 4:30 or 5pm. When I got home from work, I would nurse Ben right before bedtime.

I continued to nurse until Ben was almost 14 months old. I would have kept nursing for longer, but he bit me twice in a nursing session one afternoon. He refused to latch on after that. We were only nursing 2- 3 times a day at that point, so I just let my milk dry up.

My little guy is now almost 2 years old and thriving!

My main reason for breastfeeding was all of the wonderful antibodies that mother's milk provides babies with. Another perk was that it was free and readily available.

My greatest advice for new moms is to not be afraid to ask questions and ask for help. Breastfeeding is not for the weak of heart. It will be hard at times, but the bond and the benefits far outweigh every bad moment.

Be sure to catch up with the rest of the Breastfeeding Diaries at the top of my navigation bar!

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Wrigley is five!

May 27, 2014

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Purina One, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #ONEDifference
 photo IMG_6761.jpg
This week, my curly-haired puppy turns 5! I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Wrigley!

Wrigley stole our hearts from day one...and I can't imagine life without him. He was without a doubt, the cutest puppy I have EVER seen! I just want to go back in time and squeeze that face!

 photo IMG_6751.jpgNow that he's a big brother, Wrigley has a lot of responsibilities. He has to ward off danger, keep unwanted dogs off of his lawn, make sure the cats are following the rules, protect the blankets, catch any food that is launched across the room, inspect the floor for crumbs, alert us if he smells a stinky diaper....the list goes on and on. And although having Hudson may have caused Wrigley to prematurely turn grey, he sure loves that little long as Hudson continues to drop food and doesn't pull his tail!

 photo IMG_6817.jpgWrigley, or "re-re", in toddler speak, and Hudson are best friends forever. Every time Hudson calls for him it melts my heart. 

I know these two will always have a special bond. I'm so thankful for such a sweet, loving dog. Wrigley- we love you SO much!

 photo IMG_6828.jpg
Wrigley is participating in Purina One's 28 day challenge! This month he is going to try Purina One with the hopes of improving his digestion, dental health, and helping to bring a little shine back to his coat! He may look less than thrilled in this photo...but it was only because he was tired of looking at the food...he wanted to eat it!

 photo IMG_6839.jpg
Luckily, my assistant quickly fixed that problem. 

 photo IMG_6857.jpgWrigley is so gentle with Hudson...even when he's hungry! I can't wait to see how Purina One improves Wrigley's health and well-being. Want to join us on the 28 day challenge? Click here to sign up and get a $3 off Purina One coupon!

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5 on Friday

May 23, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm linking up with ladies of The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm, and Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday...and you should too! 

5 things that are rocking my world right now.
 photo photo-32.jpg
{one} This boy and this shirt. Too cute for words. Hudson was not really feeling my photo shoot....good thing we have ALL summer to take photos!

 photo photo-33.jpg
{two} I mentioned last week that Hudson is obsessed with Paw Patrol. Well, this mama happened to find her way to toys r' us last week and stumbled upon Hudson's new favorite toy. He wants to take it everywhere with him: to school, the bath, to name it. Hudson is straight up in love with his new toy. And I showed a considerable amount of mommy restraint by only buying him one. That's Rubble, by the case you don't watch the show and have it memorized like I do!

 photo photo2.jpg
{three} I finally got around to buying new bite valves for my camelbak water bottles. The colors! So fun! Obsessed is an understatement. Kicking myself for living with two cracked valves for so long. 

{four} My mom sent me this clip from the Today Show and of course it made me cry. Cats are awesome.

{five} Seriously, I've got nothing for #5. Hudson was in RARE form last night and I'm not firing on all cylinders this morning.  #mamaproblems

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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