5 on Friday

December 19, 2014

Happy Friday! 5 things....let's do this.

{one} Don't forget I'm co-hosting the Christmas Pajama Party link up on Monday! I can't wait to see your little ones in their Christmas jams!

 {two} This week Hudson had his Christmas program at school. My sister-in-law, mom, husband, and I were all taking bets as to his performance. Half of us thought he would rock those jingle bells. Half of us thought he would stand there and give the crowd his blank stare. Luckily my mom and I were right and he jingled those bells like it was his JOB. And then when he had to come off the stage and sit with us while other kids got up on the stage he had a meltdown. Figures. 

{three} This is what happens when you give your two year old stamps. 

{four} I recently started using the Car Seat Cinema to protect my iphone when Hudson uses it....and I'm in love! It's super cute, and easy to use. 

The plastic cover allows Hudson to easily use my phone without me worrying about him dropping it or getting it dirty. Total lifesaver! The clips also allow it to be clipped to a shopping cart, the back of your chair in your car, or even your stroller. You can learn more about the Car Seat Cinema here. We've used it at Target a bunch of times...only problem? Hudson was using my phone so I couldn't snap a picture! Ha!

{five} These. Are. Amazing. And I haven't been able to find them this year. WTF. Pregnancy cravings are kicking in strong and I can't do anything about it. So sad.

Happy Friday! And now I'm linking up with basically everyone....

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12 Responses to “5 on Friday”

  1. What a fun list! Those peppermint bark pretzels are dangerous! I've seen them this year at Publix and Target. Hudson is the cutest!

  2. Loving that picture of Hudson on stage, jingling the bells like it was his job. So cute! Looking forward to the pj link up!:) And now I feel the need to get a sprinkled donut. Right. Now. Thanks:)

  3. Hudson is so cute with his jingle bells! I wish I had known about the car seat cinema before... a few weeks ago I got something similar to attach the ipad to our head rest in the car so the kids can watch a movie in the car and the thing I got is much less versatile and not nearly as cute!

  4. Is Hudson in his big boy bed now? You must dish on the details if so!

  5. I need to check this car seat cinema out, genius! We've been using a plastic bag and shoelace string to tie our phone to the back of the car seat, lol.

  6. Those pretzels....YUM! I am going to be on the hunt for them now!! And that phone protector...where has that been Cam's whole life? Ha!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. so glad hudson rocked those bells! i wish i had seen it. SO CUTE!!

  8. Seriously. My mouth dropped open when I saw those pretzel chips. I NEED THOSE!

    Can't wait for the jams linkup! Merry Christmas!

  9. Those pretzels look amazing! And that phone holder looks pretty cool too! Noah constantly wants to play on our phones!

  10. So cute - these little people in their concerts are so adorable - such proud parents! Can't wait for the link up next week x

  11. Hudson did a great job on stage! Way to jingle those bells!
    And like Natasha said... is Hudson in his big boy bed now? If so, please do tell! We just changed Mason's after a climbing over the edge incident last night. Eeek!


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