This n' That

October 13, 2014

Oh Monday...why do you have to roll around so often? I am so not ready for the weekend to be over! This weekend we took some family photos (can't wait to see them, even if Hudson was not cooperating , I'm sure they are still cute!) and then we packed up our bags and headed to my mom's lake cottage for some rest, relaxation, and lots of yummy food. Moms are good like that. 

It was absolutely gorgeous all weekend and we all spent a lot of time crunching leaves and picking up acorns. And then Hudson dumped the entire bag all over the we picked them up all over again. Two year olds are fund like that. 

 Jon helped my mom set up her farm house table! It's gorgeous and I'm crazy jealous. And I may have also gotten a sneak peak at a table in the works for me....SO EXCITED. (My moms chairs are from Restoration Hardware). 

The rest of the time I took advantage of an extra snugly boy....I hope he's always this sweet!

How was your weekend?

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12 Responses to “This n' That”

  1. Aww can't wait to see y'all's pictures!! Love your mom's table!! Looks like ours so, if you're getting one I promise you'll LOVE it!!!

  2. That farmhouse table is so beautiful. I think I want one now too! So gorgeous. My daughter was sjiggly this weekend too, I love it so much!

  3. Ahhh the weather and leaves were so pretty this weekend, I bet your pics were GORGEOUS!!

    Can't wait to see your table... it's going to be amazing!!

  4. Oooh! Can't wait to see your table! lol, you have been gushing about it for so long, that you have me excited!

  5. Can't wait to see the family photos! I really wanted to take some this fall, but now I think we will just hold off for maternity & newborn photos! Also, always so jealous of how close you live to your mom! ;-)

  6. So excited for your family pictures AND so excited for your farm table!! HORRAY!!!

  7. Can't wait to see your family pictures! And can't WAIT to see your gorgeous table (hey, I have my priorities, lol). But seriously, I know how long you've wanted one, so I'm glad to hear that one is in the works! Yay:)

  8. wow I LOVE her dining table! swoon!

  9. sounds like a perfect fall wknd in MI! Can't wait to see your family photos!

  10. That table is gorgeous! I so want one of those in my next house!!

  11. That table is to die for! And we have the same them!

  12. I love Hudson's shirt in the first picture and your mom's table is beautiful!


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