Real Life Toy Story

September 2, 2014

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Have you ever watched Toy Story 3? Since it's Hudson's most favorite movie ever, I think I've watched it at least 25 times.....and dang it if I don't cry at the end every single time. There is just something so sweet about how Andy's toys love him so much. And then when he's about to drive off to college and he plays with them one last time. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

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All this Toy Story business got me to thinking about my old toys. Luckily, my mom is awesome and kept so many of them knowing that one day they would make my kids happy. And she was right. What we didn't realize was how happy it would make me to see Hudson playing with and loving my toys.

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You better believe I got down there and played with my old little people! My mom kept my school bus, zoo, and play house! Hudson LOVED them so much.

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Woody: "Someday, if we're lucky, Andy may have kids of his own...we'll always be there for him." I mean, that's enough to make me cry right there. I love watching my boy play with my toys.

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Andy: "Now, you gotta promise to take good care of these guys. They mean a lot to me."

Did you save any of your childhood toys for your kids?

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14 Responses to “Real Life Toy Story”

  1. I love this post! My mother also kept the majority of my toys and I love watching Madelyn play with them. Another win is I don't have to worry about packing a bunch of toys when we go to my parents house because they have plenty of "new" toys for her to play with. It's a win-win situation!

  2. Aww I love that your mom kept your toys!! & they are the awesome ones too! I remember playing with that school bus & little people when I was a kid!! Wish I had some of my stuff - would be awesome to our littles play with them!!

  3. So jealous of the zoo!! My mom saved the bus and house and barn... But the zoo rocks!

  4. Oh my gosh, tears! The Toy Story movies always get me. Especially when I think about Caleb growing up and leaving all his sweet toys behind. More tears! My mom kept a few of our toys, and Caleb gets to play with those. And B's mom kept most of his toys, so he has a ball playing with those. It's always fun to see our old toys getting loved on anew:)

  5. This such an adorable & sweet post! My mom saved tons of my stuff too! I can't wait to bust out the Lincoln Logs and my American Girl Doll someday!

  6. My mom did not save anything! The toys all got passed on to other families, which is nice, but I wish my kids had some of them to play with.

  7. I pretty much cry throughout that movie everytime. And I had the same FP house. I wish I still had it to give to A, but we bought her "new" one since I don't. I makes me happy seeing her play the way I did, but I wish I still had that one, seeing it here brings back some warm fuzzies.

  8. I love this! I wish my mom had saved some of my toys for my kids! Lilly has the Little People school bus that you had as a child-fun to see how things have changed over the years. Now you have given me the idea to save it for her children one day!

  9. So sweet! My mom only saved our dolls, so maybe someday I'll have a child interested in them -- Owen is not!

  10. Jim and I saw that movie in theatres and we were both bawling our faces off lol.

    My mom saved my american girl dolls and Abigail has just started playing with them....basically making my life.

    My MIL kept all of her FP toys and Abigail loves playing with them at Grandma's! A lot of them are toys that I played with at my grandparents house growing up, so it's definitely fun to see them still getting use and passing the test of time.

  11. Ok so my mother-in-law did the exact same thing! I was so excited when she pulled out the little people and their "village" for Cruz- but I'm also remembering that house from my childhood. Isn't that crazy?

  12. This is one of those pull-on-your-heartstrings posts, and it's super sweet! My mom saved quite a few of my old toys too, and now my daughter plays with them. It's wonderful and a little surreal :)

  13. Toy Story 3 makes me cry my eyes out, too. I had those same Little People and the bus, too! I think my parents have many of my toys up in their attic, but they haven't taken them down and I'm not sure they plan to (it's hard for them to get up there and they don't really want us up there, either), so sadly, my girls might never see my old toys.

  14. I don't think we have very many of mine left. WEEP. Although we do have original Lincoln logs, which are pretty dang cool.


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