Oh Hey Friday!

September 26, 2014

Friday, finally! I only worked two days this week but man, they were LONG. I'm so ready for the weekend!

{one} Whenever I'm on vacation I'm always excited about the thought of coming home and sleeping in my own bed. But I absolutely dread all of the work. It seems like I spent the past three days doing nothing but cleaning, grocery shopping, and piles and piles of laundry. Oh and working and being a mom too. 

{two} We took Hudson to his first football game last night and he had a blast! Our neighbor's son is on the local high school team and we had so much fun watching him. Jon is convinced Hudson has football in his future and all I can think about are the concussions! Lord help me! 

After two minutes of football Hudson decided he'd had enough and would rather jump in mud puddles instead. So maybe I have nothing to worry about after all. 

{three} I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the dinning chairs I wanted! I love them! But they are a little cold at first....but super easy to keep clean! Now, I just need my farmhouse table and I'm all set (hint hint husband, that would be a pretty amazing Christmas gift!).

 {four} Nashville is back. So is Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family. If you need me, you know where I'll be. 

{five} If you know me then you know that I don't drink coffee. Ever. I'm a tea girl through and through. So needless to say I jumped at the chance to review a box from Tea Box Express. It is a subscription box service for tea lovers like myself! The tea and honey included in this box are my new favorites! The premier October 2014 box’s theme is “Bee Happy.” Not only does the box contain a delicious tea, gourmet honey, and bee-inspired accessories, but it also promotes positivity by encouraging customers to reflect on the happy parts of their lives.

And Hudson was pretty darn happy to be eating the bee cookie that was included in the box!

 A few facts about Tea Box Express:
Price: $25.50 for month-to-month, $74 for 3 months, and $139 for 6 months. Shipping is $5.99/month.
Availability: Currently available only in the US
Each box includes: 1 high quality tea and 3 or 4 accessories per month
Deadline for current month’s box: The 1st of each month 
Each box ships: on the 15th of each month

Happy Friday!

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20 Responses to “Oh Hey Friday!”

  1. I am a tea girl as well... I occasionally sip my husband's coffee, but I just don't get it. Yuck.

    Those chairs are dang gorgeous!!!

  2. I so feel you on getting home from vacation and having to catch up with everything! We went away for the weekend and Monday was a looong day of catching up. And the whole football thing? Yeah... my husband loves football and would probably love for our boys to play, but I just think about all those documentaries we watched on the head injuries and CTE. So much to think about! And then I remind myself that they are 1 and 3 and I don't have to worry about it yet.

  3. That little bee cookie is adorable - what a fun subscription box for the non-coffee lovers (of which I am too!) And I love that you pulled the trigger on the chairs. Can't wait to see how they pair with a farmhouse table:) Have a good weekend, friend!

  4. Cute chairs, but I love your cabinet behind it! I can totally relate to the excitement and joy of travelling, but gosh it is rough at the other end, particularly with a kiddo running around!!! Have a great weekend xx

  5. The chairs are sooo cute! Nice touch!

  6. I am LOVING your blog! I just found you through this link up and your family is just precious!
    I love those chairs! With little kids of my own it's hard to find things that are easy to clean, while still being stylish. Those chairs fit the bill :)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Those chairs have me wanting some fancy new ones too! And Hudson has me wanting a giant bee cookie....

  8. I am dying over those chairs...and I agree...the hubster should get you one for Christmas. Or maybe Halloween. It is closer. HA!

  9. Tea Box Express, what a cute idea! I love the picture of tromping in the puddle. So cute!

  10. Ooh I'm not normally into subscription boxes, but that tea one is calling my name! Perhaps they want me to review one... ;-)

  11. Oh my gosh, everytime Chad talks about Cameron playing footbal, all I think about is him getting hurt! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  12. those chairs are my fav. We have barstools like it! and now I want to make a big cup 'a tea!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE "Nashville"...definitely my favorite show! So glad it's back!

  14. Yup I feel the same way coming back from vacations - it's even harder with kids! Happy Friday! Hope you get caught back up this weekend!

  15. Love all those shows... and tea!! Sometimes I have a latte but black tea with milk is my tea of choice :-)

  16. Yay! Did you order the chairs from the place I suggested!?
    Love that color! :)

  17. Not to overload your DVR but.... are you watching Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder also? Because if not, you totally should! Shonda is a genius and all her shows are amazing!

  18. Vacation is hard work! I also love Nashville..excited to see what happens this season! Have a great day! :-)

  19. I LOVE Nashville too! Stopping by from the link up :) Cute blog!

  20. I love your dining room!!
    A farmhouse table would be amazing!


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