Oh Hey Friday!

August 29, 2014

Happy Friday! Let's do this.

{one} This boy. Still rocking his black eye a week later. It looks worse and worse every day. There goes our 2 year old photo shoot I guess! Yesterday I took him to school wearing the shirt he slept in the night before (he wanted to wear it and I'm choosing my battles), two of my necklaces, and my mom's old cell phone in his pocket. #toddlerstyle

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{two} TWO! TWO?? One week from today Hudson is officially two years old. I am still in denial. Wasn't this just yesterday?

{three} Is anyone else obsessed with watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team? Because I look forward to it every year. There's nothing quite like watching size 0 girls with perfect bodies dance around and perform these awesome routines while stuffing your face with a handful of cookies. Am I right?

{four} Our Citrus Lane box arrive last week and of course Hudson loved it! Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for little ones....we love getting a surprise in the mail each month! Click here for 50% off your first box and free shipping. You can cancel at any time. We got a cute Tea for Two set from Green Toys. Hudson has been pouring tea and saying "cheers!" with the tea cups. Who says tea sets are just for girls? (I can't find the link because I think it was specially made for Citrus Lane, but it's this set with just two cups and saucers). We also got a reusable Cool It Buddy ice pack from Me4Kidz. We've gotten a lot of products from this company and I've always been impressed. Seeing as how Hudson has a black eye, we need all the ice packs we can get! Also in the box was a language video download from Little Pim....excited to try it out!

Our favorite thing in the box is the Alphabet Flash Cards from Petit Collage. They are SO cute. And sturdy (unlike those target ones that get ripped up 5 seconds after we open them).

{five} GIVEAWAY! Last chance to enter to win a LyveHome to safely and easily store all of your photos. Seriously in love with mine. Check it out here and then enter here.

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14 Responses to “Oh Hey Friday!”

  1. They make a subscription box for everything! I love it!

  2. I promise it's worse when you actually live in Dallas and see those girls in the flesh and you are still 10 lbs away from pre baby weight!

  3. I love eating cookies and watching skinny people. Everyone is happy!!

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE DCC making the team!!!! I thought I had to be the only person who loves it! hahahahahahaha
    Also those flash cards are totally adorable!

  5. Yay! We loved our Citrus Lane box this month!!! I've started keeping some things for Christmas...it's a win-win!! :)

    Have you tried Bluum at all? I just ordered for September; we'll see what they're like!

    I have not fought the shirt-change battle, too...you can't win them all, momma!!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. isn't it crazy our muffins are turning two??! shocked. but...yes. 10000 times yes to the DCC. i absolutely adore that show and wouldn't you know it...i can even get my farmer to watch it with me. win/win...kind of. i'm so glad you linked up this week...we totally missed you last!

  7. Don't you know that black goes with everything ;) Tracen legit wore two different shoes, plaid shorts, a striped shirt (that he slept in last night) and took 38935734596 animals to school today. I'm also choosing my battles,ugh! Can not WAITTTTT for DCC to return!!!

  8. Scarlett turns two soon also... I am seriously in denial!! I'm loving your citrus lane posts and have been wanting to try it.. Maybe this will give me the push to do it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Julie! Xo

  9. Two is such a fun age... and not so "terrible". Three on the other hand....well.... Hudson will be an angel for you I'm sure!
    Gah, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and start getting Citrus Lane. My boys would totally love it. We do Kiwi Crate which is fun, but toys/learning stuff has a little longer life span. :)
    Thanks for linking up gal!

  10. Love DCC making the team. best part, living in dallas and knowing girls who are on the team, hello Olivia? and kathryn last year? total pageant girl. The girls have killer bodies, but they also workout an obscene amount so they can drink and eat.

  11. OMG I love that show - I didn't know it was coming back so thanks for sharing!!! And of course, I love Husdon's toddler style!

  12. Your Citrus Lane box looks like so much fun! And yes, DCC Making the Team is my favorite!! A perfect motivation for getting back in shape!

  13. We love those cards too! I almost want one to hang in O's room and one to play with! Can't believe Hudson is going to be 2!!!

  14. okay i SO thought he was older than 2 with as much as he's always running around and all over. i guess i don't realize how crazy (and cute) little boys are!


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