Hudson's Birthday Wish List

August 28, 2014

Hudson's birthday wish list
I can hardly believe it....just like that, Hudson is almost 2 years old. His birthday is next week so it's about time I put together his wish list, don't you think? And yes, Hudson was very clear on what he wanted for his big day. 

Toy to the Story. This boy is officially obsessed with Toy Story anything. He's only seen Toy Story 3, so I bet he would love the original on blu ray. I'm pretty sure Woody and Buzz are on their way to him too.

With books you can never go wrong. Hudson loves them all. I have my eye on The Day the Crayons Quit and How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday....Hudson loves this series so much and is all of a sudden obsessed with dinosaurs. 

 Paw Patrol! Hudson loves him some Paw Patrol and would love to have Chase's Cruiser or Rocky's Recycling Truck...problem is they are out of stock everywhere....and I've been looking since June. Hudson has Rubble's Bulldozer and it's one of his favorite toy.

Our friend's little boy has these shoes and they are super of course they are headed Hudson's way too. 

Hudson needs some "back to school" clothes and I'm in love with some of these!

And finally, our baseball loving boy is going to LOVE this baseball tee set. I can't wait to give it to him!

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13 Responses to “Hudson's Birthday Wish List”

  1. Aww, those look like great gifts! I heard that crayon book is good!

  2. My nephew was obsessed with Toy Story! He had all of the toys: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Ham, Rex...all of them! So each time we gave him one, I got a permanent marker and wrote his name on the bottom of their feet, just like Andy did! He Loved it!

  3. Can't believe he'll be two either!! I was just looking at my timehop this morning and the pictures of our meet-up up cropped up! They were such little babies a year ago! We miss you guys!

  4. Can't believe he will be TWO so soon!!! How exciting! I've been having my eye on The Day the Crayons Quit also (along with Dragons Love Tacos)! And Mason got that t-ball set for his birthday but we haven't used it yet. My husband is a BIG baseball fanatic so I'm sure we will be spending many nights at the park playing soon!

  5. He'll love the tee ball set! Reed uses his a lot. Granted, he usually smacks the tee with the bat and the ball flys by due to the tee hitting the ground, but we're getting there. I love the shoes too - they were on sale awhile back on 6pm and I wish I'd snagged them. My Nike love husband talked me out of them. Shouldn't have listened because now that I see then again I want them more. Adding back to cart...haha! Happy Birthday, Hudson!

  6. My son loves Paw Patrol too! We got our Chase and Marshall at Target. The Paw Patrol toys do go fast... that section in Target is always half empty. You could always find out from one of the Target employees about when they restock the toy section and stalk it out! My son wants to get Rubble next and we have yet to see him in any of the stores.

  7. And now it's official. Hudson will love me even more because toy to the story is my specialty ;)

  8. How fun! That crayon book looks super cute. I need to show Callie Toy Story - she loves Monsters Inc and we (OK I) need a break from all things princesses :)

  9. Oh my gosh, so fun!!! Cam is OBSESSED with Toy Story too...we have TWO Woodys...don't ask!! I am loving those shoes and that baseball tee!!! FUN!

  10. Must get the "Free Hugs" shirt….and "Mischief Maker" is a no brainer!!

  11. Can't believe he is going to be 2!! Toy Story is a favorite in our house too!

  12. If he loves Dinosaurs, I just picked up a cute book for my 2 year old son called Dinosaur Zoom. What's better than dinosaurs & cars! He loves it!

  13. has the Paw Patrol - Chase's Cruiser


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