Actual words that have come out of my mouth this week, round 2

August 14, 2014

You can see round one here.
"I can't give the cookie back to you, it's already in my mouth"
Me: "Hudson, do you see the sheep? Can you say sheep?"
Hudson: "SHH!!!TTT"

 Me: "Did you bite your friend at school today?"
Hudson: "yeah"

"Please do not color on mommy's legs"

"Thank you for peeing on the rug and not the carpet"

"Please keep your hands and teeth to yourself"

"You can stand on the table but let's not do the hokey pokey"

"Mommy likes her hair and would like to keep it all on her head" 

 photo IMG_6944copy.jpg
"Wrigley, can you please share your toy with Hudson?"

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26 Responses to “Actual words that have come out of my mouth this week, round 2”

  1. Hilarious! It's so true isn't it, the ridiculous things that become pedestrian when you have a toddler!!!! I love the resignation of "yeah, I did bite him, but you should have heard what he said to me". Hudson is such a spunk! xx

  2. Oh man, this is hilarious! As a fellow boy mom, I've said a couple of these all too many times! (like thank you for peeing on the rug instead of the carpet! haha)

  3. HORRAY for toddlers! Between the beach and Peacocks (b*tch and cocks) we had our fair share of swearing too ;)

  4. Hahahaha oh toddler life.

  5. Lol, toddler-mom life... And I wish there was a cookie already in my mouth, even if it's still pre-breakfast ;)

    The Joni Journey

  6. Love these so much. We should start a link up or series - because I have some gems too (as I'm sure most mamas do). This week? "We don't put our balls on the dog's face." I only realized how that sounded after I'd said it. Caleb had been hitting Ellie in the face with his mini foam footballs all day. Sigh.

  7. Hehe love these so much! I only laugh because the same type things come out of my mouth ALL of the time too! :)

  8. Ha! These crack me up!! And some of them sound all too familiar!

  9. Haha so funny!!! I love that you are keeping track...sometimes I can't believe what comes out of my (and Cameron's) mouth!!!

  10. LOL!!! This had and laughing out loud this morning! Can't wait until my one year old is talking :) So cute. Love your blog!

  11. LOL! Oh the life as the Mommy of a toddler boy. Never a dull moment, is there??

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  12. Hilarious! Can't wait until my little man hits 18months for the "language explosion" :)

  13. These posts are great! Sometimes we ask my daughter to say 'fork' and it comes out a little different, considering she can't say the 'r' sound ;)

  14. Love these posts! So cute and funny...and true. :) The crazy things we say as Moms. -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  15. LOL oh the cookie one had me laughing! Owen always wants the food I have already started chewing and it's like he cannot believe I would do something so awful to him.

  16. I vote for this to be a weekly post. :) LOVE THIS.

  17. Too cute. I'm glad you are keeping a record of these things. I can absolutely hear him saying "yeah" to the biting a friend question!

  18. The cookie in my mouth comment? Stuff like that comes out of my mouth all the time and sadly usually resutls in a tantrum because she wanted THAT cookie or cracker, etc :)


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