July 1, 2014

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I love being a boy mom. It has been the biggest blessing of my life. But sometimes, I can't believe this is my life. You know you're a boy mom when....

 photo IMG_7207-1.jpg
The trucks start to take over your house...and your life.

 photo IMG_6944copy.jpg
You constantly find our child playing in dirt.

 photo IMG_7447.jpg
Your child tries to control you with the remote.

 photo IMG_7159.jpg
Your garage is filled with even more things that go than you thought possible.

 photo IMG_7310.jpg
The car obsession isn't limited to toys.

Everything becomes a hideout.

 photo IMG_5761copy.jpg
The obsession with all things sports related begins early too.

And this is what you get when you try to take a picture together. 

Now that I'm fluent in all things boy, I wouldn't have it any other way. Mother's hold their son's hand for a moment, but their hearts forever.

But did I mention the dirt? You find dirt, dirt, and more dirt everywhere.

Part of being a boy mom is dealing with a sometimes stinky and sweaty boy. In Hudson's room we use the Diaper Genie to contain the stinky smell boys make...and thank heavens it works well! Right now you can receive a $25 Spa Finder Wellness gift card when you purchase 3 or more varieties of Diaper Genie at Target. Keep your Target receipt and click here to claim your gift card. While supplies last.

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7 Responses to “#BoyMomProblems”

  1. Hudson makes being a "boy mom" look cute and fun! And do-able ;)

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2014

    I recently discovered your blog and love it! I love how you dress Hudson and you really are a great mother to a son! He looks like he really enjoys life! I have a 5 yo girl and 20 month old son and we all have red hair too! Keep that population going! However I think I need to up the boy things in our house...my son is always my daughter's dress up buddy and we are all covered in sparkles on a daily basis...hmmm dirt vs sparkle? Caprice

  3. Oh, the life of a boy mom! It's too funny! So much dirt and noise and so many trucks and trains. But little boys are just the best! H is getting cuter by the day - how does it keep doing it?!

  4. I have the opposite problem. They're always messing with my makeup and playing with my jewelry :-)

  5. I get this. Boy, do I get this. I've got 3 boys (age 10, 6, and 10 months) and 1 girl (8). The cars and the dirt and the baseball and the mud in my tub. Wow. So messy. So worth it!

  6. I feel like you just described my life to a T. In fact I cleaned up the mess that Mason made tonight and put away about 20 cars/trucks/planes/anything else with wheels you could think of. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

  7. Hudson is adorable!!! Love the picture of him and his trucks:)


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