Adventure is out there!

June 26, 2014

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Besides obviously being awesome when he grows up, I think Hudson might one day become a explorer. This little man can't wait to get outside and play and explore everything around him.

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Watching him discover and learn new things has been such a joy. 

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One of the first things out of his mouth when we get home from daycare during the week is "outside? outside? outside?" How can I say no to that?

 photo IMG_7294.jpgAnd of course Wrigley is always right by his side. I could just eat these two up.

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I can't wait to have more fun adventures with my boy. We are going to have to buy stock in sunscreen with two redheads in our family now! (Hudson's awesome shirt was a gift from a local boutique) ***Some of you are concerned that Hudson rolled his ankle in this photo....he didn't! Just clumsy toddler walking. He's fine! xoxo

Since we are spending more and more of our time outside, I would LOVE to pretty up our outdoor living space!

We totally need this hammock. I can imagine us all piling in on it and reading books, watching the stars.....or sipping on a glass of wine once Hudson goes to bed!

I'm sort of obsessed with succulents lately and think I NEED this garden box, don't you? Wouldn't it be lovely on our deck? 

All of these items can be found at Outdoor Trunk! Outdoor Trunk was created with this purpose:
To provide you with the tools, tips, and unique treasures to maximize enjoyment and connection to your outdoor space - to help you create a social landscape.

We want to get back to our roots. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Barbecue, throw a party for your favorite friends and family, garden, soak up the sun in a hammock with a book and a glass of wine! Outdoor Trunk hopes to build community, shape neighborhoods and bring everyone together by creating warm, welcoming, outdoor social landscapes.

There are many ways to enjoy and build a social landscape, and we’re here to support and inspire those ideas and future memories you’ll have in your outdoor space.

Social landscaping is about letting people in, allowing your space to sing with personality, to tell YOUR story. It’s the key to unlocking doors and opening them to all the possibilities that relationships can inspire. Social landscaping is the central focus of all facets of Outdoor Trunk where the website, blog, videos and other projects help teach how weaving the textures of our environment into our daily lives brings happiness and joy and allows us to relish in the most simple of things – sharing laughter and a cup of tea with a neighbor, reading a book in a hammock, having a glass of wine and winding down from your day with loved ones in a warm, welcoming environment. It’s a movement Christa, the owner of Outdoor Trunk, is determined to share, spread and help grow. Check out Outdoor Trunk's fun 4th of July section here

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17 Responses to “Adventure is out there!”

  1. I love that hammock! Looks like a great spot to relax a bit. I bet Hudson would love swinging in it too!

  2. I love these pictures of Hudson! He is so sweet!

  3. love cute outdoor finds too! these are great picks :)

  4. I read your blog often but don't usually comment... but I couldn't help but notice Hudson's ankle in the last picture of him- looks like an OUCHIE!! I cringed! Hope he was ok.

  5. Love the pictures of Hudson! My husband is a red head and demands that we have a red headed baby! Ha!

  6. He is looking mighty grown up in these pictures. I started following you just a few months before he turned one. What a difference a year makes.

  7. I love toddlers' adventurous spirits. I never realized how much there is to explore in our front yard till I watched my son playing. So cool to see things through their eyes :)

    We are so close to having a house with a yard, and this post got me really excited about creating an outdoor family space. Hammock = necessity!

    The Joni Journey

  8. OMG. Obsessed with that shirt! HOW CUTE! :) And so is Hudson of course. HAHAHA

  9. LOVE tha hammock! If I had a backyard or more room on our patio, I would totally get one. I bet Hudson would love to swing in it too!

  10. He is such a cutie!!
    I'm dying for a hammock. Maybe one of these days I'll own one!

  11. I need to pretty up my outdoor space too but it's just soooo expensive! I wish I could get all new stuff.

  12. Oh, I LOVE hammocks! So perfect for relaxing, although with a toddler running around, not sure how that would go :) He looks so happy!

  13. oh he is so cute, and i LOVE his name!!

  14. Omg, I saw Hudson's ankle & was like oh my! Then continued reading & was all whew followed by dying of laughter. He's so cute! Plus, that hammock looks lovely!

  15. Love the hammock and all the accessories!

  16. Want hammock and pouf too, but since I haven't space to put the hammock, I would enjoy only the pouf :)

    End of tenancy cleaners Greenwich

  17. He is too cute and it looks like he keeps you busy!


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