Must Love Books...and Puppies...and Books About Puppies

May 15, 2014

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I'm so happy we have a little reader on our hands. Hudson LOVES books. Give him a book, a snack, and he's a happy boy! And basically the same can be said for his mama if only I had time to read....
Hudson's favorite books

Hudson's favorite book right now is this Slide and Find Trucks book. Oh my word, he is obsessed and will read this book over and over. And I now know all of the different types of trucks. Win win.

Another must have in our house is How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs. We also have the cat version of this book, but the dog one is his favorite. It really has a good message about how to take care of your pets....we both love it so much.

Barnyard Dance is a big time favorite of both of us. I have it memorized and of course use my best southern accent to read it...tons of fun for everyone!

Dear Zoo...animals AND flaps to open...what more could a little boy want? This book has been a long time favorite!

Planes. I bought this book on a whim for our plane loving boy and it did not disappoint!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?...a classic that Hudson can't get enough of! This is a must have for any little one.

A surprise favorite of Hudson's right now is Pat the Bunny! We are reading the same copy that I remember reading as a kid. Hudson loves patting the bunny, playing peek-a-boo, and smelling the flowers in this classic book. We might have to buy a new copy soon because my copy from the 80s is about to fall apart!

Touch and Feel Puppy has been Hudson's favorite since we got it...I have no idea what the story line to this book is because I can't concentrate over the "Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!" from Hudson!

Whose Nose is a new book I picked up a few weeks ago....perfect for our nose and animal obsessed boy.

Doesn't everyone have The Very Hungry Caterpillar in their house? If you don't have it, get it asap. It's a classic and a favorite for sure.

Little Blue Truck is another must have for little boys. It's cute, easy to read, and has a good message!

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What are your kid's favorite books? We are always on the hunt for a new fun read!

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19 Responses to “Must Love Books...and Puppies...and Books About Puppies”

  1. Lex reads herself to sleep every night with "not that tutu!" And "if you give a dog a donut"... Hudson might not appreciate the book about a girl who wears her tutu everywhere though ;)

  2. My daughter is almost 3 and absolutely loves books. It's something I encouraged early on and I'm glad I did! I can't say she has one favorite because we have piles that she goes through on a daily basis. Robert Munsch books are particularly fun to read for both of us!

  3. We love books about trucks over here!

  4. If you have never read The Happy Man and the Dump Truck, I highly suggest that one!! :)

  5. Sandra Boynton books are really the best! I love how sing-songy they are :)

  6. Aw he's so cute reading to himself! I love when O does that! Owen loves any book about a truck, or fire engine or a book with a real story (not just objects and words)! B is for Bulldozer is his number one right now!

  7. We love barnyard dance too! When I say clap your hands and stomp your feet, Noah does it! We also read little blue truck daily. I hope both of these books will help Noah with his animal sounds.

  8. I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen is really funny, as are all the Pigeon stories by Mo Willems and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker is fantastic.

  9. My son loves all books, especially anything that makes music, noises, or that he can touch.

    My mother just got him one call Tails and its a touch and feel of a bunch of animal tails, but there is also a scratch and sniff of a skunk in the book. Smells awful!

  10. Little Blue Truck is a favorite here too! Callie is starting to get into longer stories and is loving the bitty baby story books.. probably not for Hudson but he might be ready for longer stories too :)

  11. All excellent choices! We need to get that dinosaur one - Mac would love that. Now I just need to find a book about not hitting or tackling the animals or pulling their fur. Do you know of one like that? :)

  12. I remember stressing that Aria wasn't interested in books right off the bat..omg she will never like to read!! But, now she can't get enough. Add that to the list of things mom didn't need to freak out about at all, it is quite long.

  13. This is awesome!! Weston is starting to get interested in books, and we have most of these already!! I'm going to need to get that puppy one though! HAHA And the Dino/puppy one!!

  14. Little Blue Truck is our absolute favorite! Did you know a Christmas version is coming out in September?! You can pre-order it on Amazon. Liam also loves The Goodnight Train!

  15. We love pat the bunny! And brown bear!!

  16. My son has similar taste as Hudson. Brown Bear was his first favorite book and he couldn't get enough of it as a little one.

  17. Ellie loves to read too! of course at 11 months she just flips through the pages very quickly and most of the time backwards and upside down but she can be occupied with one for at least 5 minutes!! We have a lot of the Sandra Boyton books and my favorite is Snuggle Puppy. She also loves the touch and feel books!

  18. Your book collection looks almost exactly like ours! Dear Zoo, Barnyard Dance, Brown Bear, and Little Blue Truck are all favorites over here! Did you know that Little Blue Truck has a Christmas edition coming out in September!? Pre-orer on Amazon now :)


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