Mother's Day wish list

May 1, 2014

Mother's Day

I'm pretty sure Hudson doesn't read my blog...but just in case he does, I put together a little Mother's Day wish list!

No, I don't want an alarm clock...but I would love to sleep in! Even if it's only until 8am...that would be heaven. I'd also like some kind of yummy breakfast. Seriously, sleeping in + breakfast = my perfect Mother's Day.

I don't need any fancy gifts...being a mama is gift enough...but that didn't stop me from wishing! I'd love a kindle....or even those two books to get me back in the swing of reading. And oh my word that necklace....I would just about die. It's GORGEOUS.

Moving on to more affordable options, the scarf, bag, and shoes would all be perfect for spring! I stumbled upon that bag last week at Old Navy and it is so cute and really nice in person...and it's less than $40!

What's on your Mother's Day wish list?

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17 Responses to “Mother's Day wish list”

  1. Hudson will totally come through... I mean it's Mother's Day. And your are one awesome mom!

  2. I'm incapable of sleeping in anymore. I'm up at 6 whether she is or not - and she almost never is. Never thought I'd see the day!

    I hope you get spoiled this mother's day! Push for that necklace - it's fabulous. I have the onyx one and I wear it all the time.

  3. Love you wish list! I bet Hudson has something up his lil sleeve!

  4. All I want for Mother's Day is time to paint my toenails! It's really the little things that mean the most!

  5. Maybe that other, more internet savvy dude you live with can help Hudson out? :) I'm hoping you get it ALL and especially get to sleep in. You deserve it!

  6. I'm sure Hudson (with some help of course) will pull through on a couple of these things:) Hopefully definitely on the breakfast/sleeping in. If you end up with those books, let me know what you think. I'm curious about them, and need some new reading material badly!

  7. Love that bag, I've had my eye on it! Looks so luxe yet so affordable!

    Here's to hoping we get a day to sleep in, although I'm not holding my breath! ;)

    xo megan

  8. I hope you get to sleep in! That's my wish too - I never get to anymore! That scarf and bag are super cute too!

  9. All I want is pancakes in bed and a pregnancy massage! I'm pretty sure the pancakes are a sure thing!

  10. I love that you put an alarm clock. Hint hint, Hudson!

    I just purchased Sparkly Green Earrings and need to take some time to read it.

  11. Treat yourself to a Kindle Paperwhite! I love mine and definitely read more because I have it!

  12. Congrats for the nice wishlist. For gift basket ideas for Mother's Day you check

    Best Gift Baskets

  13. amazon is running a mother's day special and all kindles are $20 off -- get one! I'm thinking of upgrading to the paper white! Sparkly Green earring is an amazing book and super fast read! I didn't know she had a second book -- now I need that!

  14. Those books are amazing! You'll love them!

  15. i love that bag!! super cute AND affordable! love!


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