Can I wear rain boots every day?

May 6, 2014

Seriously....I would live in these rain boots from Joules I could. Aren't they the cutest? Joules is a British company, which, hello...that's why they know how to make the cutest rain boots! Or shall I say wellies?

I've worn mine every day since getting them! Hudson pulls them out of our closet when he wants to go outside....even he thinks they are fun!

Love love love.

rain boots

And Joules has SO many cute rain boots right now! I'm obsessed. I think Hudson would flip out over the puppy dog ones!

boys rain boots

Don't even get me started on the little boys boots....Hudson wants them all!!! He wears his tractor rain boots from Joules ALL THE TIME! He needs the red pair and the navy striped pair, don't you think?

Joules also sent me this beautiful blouse that I can't wait to wear once it starts warming up! I have a few things from Joules and I am always impressed with the quality. They offer free shipping on orders over $170 and accept paypal! Yay!

*I was not compensated for this review, but was sent boots and a blouse. All opinions are my own...I LOVE Joules!

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20 Responses to “Can I wear rain boots every day?”

  1. Why yes. Yes you can wear rain boots every day. Get down with your bad self and your cute boots!

  2. Those are so cute!


  3. if kaye ever got her hands on your cute hudson…i don't even know what would happen. way too many hugs and kisses and pat pats for any mother to be comfortable with, probably. plus the boots are cute.

  4. i say yes, one thousand times yes. they look fabulous on you!

  5. Those are cuter than Hunter boots which I didn't think was possible!

  6. Only if you also wear a tutu, like the little girl in Toy Story 3!

  7. These are so cute!!! Love all of them (: Heading to the website now!

  8. You always have the cutest outfits! I'm coveting those navy boots with the bow - TOO adorable!

    Side note- isn't it great to see buds on the trees again?! I noticed it in your pictures and it makes me so happy!

  9. Ah those pink polka dots are right up my alley!!

  10. Rainboots are pretty much the bomb and those seriously rock!

  11. Okay, so I am super jealous of your wellie collection now. Those striped ones are fabulous. And you have red Hunters too, right? I am coming over to raid your closet asap:) And the Joules blouse? Swoon. I LOVE! I know it must look gorgeous on you, sweet girl!

  12. I mean, how cute are you in your rain boots?!? I'm pretty sure I need the floral ones :)

  13. Those are adorable! I love printed rain boots. Love the floral ones.

  14. Such cuuute boots! I love all the details and designs!

  15. AnonymousMay 08, 2014

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  16. Gah i NEED those black ones with the bow!!!


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