5 on Friday

May 9, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! After missing last week I'm back for 5 on Friday and linking up with ladies of The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm, and Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday...and you should too!

{one} I've been in a fog all week after learning the news of a fellow blogger who's 3.5 year old son was hit by a truck and killed on Friday. You can read more about it here. Her sweet little redheaded boy has been all over my instagram feed and I can't even bear to look at all of the photos. I've been squeezing my little redheaded boy tight all week and thanking God for the wonderful gift of being his mommy. Our little blogging community has really rallied around Jaqui and Dan and it is nothing short of amazing. #redballoonsforryan

{two} My husband put in a new mailbox over the weekend and had a handy little helper by his side the entire time. Melt my heart.

{three} Meg posted about this bag and I fell in LOVE. Stripes AND gold? Yes please!

{four} Hudson played with a pretty impressive collection Rody toys at Catch Air this week.....so he totally needs one, right? My husband disagrees. Someone please set him straight. (p.s. if there are any Grand Rapids locals on the lookout for a good indoor play place I highly recommend Catch Air! Hudson always has a blast and I have fun too! Plus, they have amazing customer service....I am a disorganized mama and lost our frequent play pass while we were there and they were kind enough to replace it for me. I was pretty disappointed about loosing it, so I'm thrilled to say the least and so is Hudson!)

{five} I may or may not have spent my lunch hour giggling over these cat photos. Because, why not?


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18 Responses to “5 on Friday”

  1. anytime we are somewhere and kaye plays with a toy that keeps her off my leg for five minutes i immediately tell my farmer…kaye needs this (whatever the toy was). so yes…hudson needs that horse thing.

  2. My heart has been broken all week for the Saldana family. It's just unimaginable. I have no words. And no way to understand things like that. Just terrible. Ryan's fiery curls are lighting up the gates of heaven, that's for sure.

    Your own little redhead is so sweet - love that he loves helping daddy. Such a fun stage. And I LOVE that West Elm bag. Mama needs. Hope you have a very good Mother's Day, sweet Julie!

  3. Those cat photos also made my day and I shared them with everyone.

  4. That bagu bag is SO CUTE! I gave a few away as Christmas presents... But was REALLY close yo keeping them! And Hudson totally needs a rody!

  5. I can't even imagine their loss- sending prayers as I type!! Lovin' the little helper with the mailbox ;) Happy weekend to you all!!

  6. I totally need to find a place like Catch Air to take Kennedy to down here in TX!! Looks like fun!! Also, the #redballoonsforryan has really had a huge impact on me.... how terribly heartbreaking.

  7. Elin has a Rody and she loves it! Love the print that someone made in memory of Ryan.

  8. Ryan & his family have been on my mind constantly too! So, so sad! They will continue to be in my prayers!! How precious is Hudson helping daddy!! So sweet!! Hope y'all have a good weekend!

  9. I kept wondering what the red balloons for ryan were... that's heartbreaking. I feel like I've heard too many heartbreaking stories this week. Praying for their family.

  10. I love that picture of Hudson!! What a little helper! I love how they just get right in there and start digging anytime they see someone else doing it. He's such a worker!

    And that gold dipped bag!! It's been on my wishlist since Christmas. It's so fancy!

    Have a happy mother's day, friend!

  11. My heart goes out to Ryan's family. I can't imagine their pain. They've been on my mind since I heard about this on Monday. I've held my babies tighter & longer all week long. So sad.

    ~Holly The Mile High Mom

    Happy Mother's Day, friend!!

  12. Catch Air sounds like so much!!

  13. Hahahah those cat photos are amazing

  14. I love when my son "helps" my husband and father. It's so cute!

  15. You made me tear up with your redheaded boy line. My heart aches for them. Your son helping with the mailbox is too cute for words. Happy Mother's Day!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  16. I absolutely love that bag!!! Did you buy one for yourself?

  17. It's amazing how everyone has rallied around these 2 families- I can't imagine what they're going through, but knowing they have so much support is so great.

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day!


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