Come on Spring!

April 1, 2014

Are you sick of me talking about the weather? Well, it was 60 degrees yesterday, which is the warmest day we've had since before Thanksgiving! So we took full advantage and spent lots of time playing outside. Even though it was warm out Hudson insisted on wearing his warm coat and hat...because that's what he thinks you wear whenever you go outside. Poor kid, he's forgotten all about summer!

 photo IMG_6042.jpg
He had to show off his dump truck of course.

 photo IMG_6053.jpg
And yes, we still have a little snow on the ground....scratch that, at least half of our backyard is still covered. Gross.

 photo IMG_6011.jpg
Hudson had the best time playing with our neighbor's granddaughter. He loved her and she was so sweet with him. There has been a baby boy boom on our little cul-de-sac so Hudson will have 5 boys that are pretty close to his age to play with as soon as it warms up and people come out of hibernation!

 photo IMG_6050.jpg
 photo IMG_6018.jpg
Can I just pause right here and say that I love both of my boys? Hudson helped daddy pump the little girl's bike tires with stinkin' cute.

I can't wait for warm spring weather! I think we might need to get a slide or something for Hudson to play on in our back yard....any recommendations?

p.s. Happy April Fools Day! 

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16 Responses to “Come on Spring!”

  1. It was a little over 60 in Chicago yesterday too! It was glorious (but this morning it was back to reality!). If your backyard allows, consider a tree swing! Hudson would love it! I had one growing up and it was so much fun!

  2. i think you need a swing set! hudson would looooove a swing set. and i'm sure jon would loooove putting one together! i'm glad spring is starting to peek through the snow!

  3. The first warm day is such a tease! A slide would be so much fun for him, or a swing like Erin said! We love our pirate ship water table in the summer -- and it comes with a built-in umbrella, which is nice since O is so fair.

  4. So ready for spring to stay!! Love Hudson's little golf clubs! Xx.

  5. Well, I mean that moose hat is pretty amazing... I'd wear that all the time outside too! ooooh get something fun for the yard and report back, I've been looking at the little slides and swing sets with a confused expression.

  6. Spring!! Finally!! We are also enjoying the first few days of warm weather. Yesterday we went outside without coats! OMG! So liberating. I don't think we really have a good spot for a swingset in our backyard, but our neighbors do and Mac is obsessed with the slide. Anything with a slide is a great purchase. I'm thinking of getting him a playhouse and a sandbox for his birthday for our backyard. I think he would love both.

  7. I am so not sick of it! Every time I go to start a post I have to stop myself from talking about how badly I want spring to come! We had two warm days, and now snow today and tomorrow. This is crap! Lol
    He is so cute all bundled up though!

  8. Ahhh, thank goodness for warmer temps!! Cam is so used to putting on his hat and jacket, too, that I'm not sure I will ever get him out of that mentality!! Haha

    Your boys are too cute together! I think a slide would be perfect in your backyard, but I don't have any recommendations. :)

  9. I totally agree! I feel like I'm always talking about how long and cold this winter is and how much I cannot WAIT for warmer weather! I too am on the hunt for some outdoor goodies - I'm thinking about getting the Little Tykes slide and Step2 toddler swing; they both have great reviews!

  10. Yay spring! Almost all the snow is melted here too thankfully! Yesterday was heavenly and we were outside for almost two hours. I just hope it stays! I also love that toy golf club set of Hudson's! Totally going on a bday list!

  11. So ready for Spring weather and hope it sticks around for a while.. It always seems to go fast and then the 90's and humidity set in here.

  12. Love that spring is finally headed your way! I know you guys are SO ready for it:) I'm sure Hudson will be peeling off all those layers in no time!:)

  13. I'm with you! Warm weather is JUST around the corner and I'm itching to put on some shorts!

  14. Aw wow it does look as though he forgot all about summer!! Bless the cuties little heart!!

  15. We are getting a taste of Spring around here too and it's been so welcomed!!! Hudson is so cute and such a gentleman :)

  16. I can't wai for the weather to figure itself out too!! I have some major weeding I new to get done as well as see Ellie experience warm weather and playing outside!!!


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