Bunnies and eggs and some hunting

April 21, 2014

Happy day after Easter! Our little family had the best weekend. 

We all traveled up to my mom's lake house for Easter...and of course had to attend the Easter egg hunt the association puts on for little kids on Saturday! The eggs were scattered everywhere and Hudson had a blast hunting them down and plopping them in his basket like a pro. Once it was all over he kept asking for more eggs...so we did what any good parents would do....siphon eggs out of his basket when he wasn't looking and then hide them for him to find all over again. Win win.

Hudson wanted nothing to do with the giant Easter bunny that was at the hunt...but he was head over heels in LOVE with the two really bunnies that were there! And he didn't pull their fur or ears. It was an Easter egg hunt miracle. 

 photo IMG_6233copy.jpg
And of course we have to talk about Hudson's Easter basket full of fun! Not pictured: all the fun goodies from his grandparents! Hudson got a truck puzzle and alphabet letters for the bath tub from his Gigi and a bubble lawn mower and a John Deere tractor shirt and socks from grandma and grandpa. #spoiled #OnlyGrandkidOnBothSides

 photo IMG_6269.jpg
Hudson LOVED his goodies from the Easter bunny.

 photo IMG_6262.jpg
And I was thrilled he loved his monogrammed bunny. He slept with it last night and has been carrying it around every since. Melt my heart.

 photo IMG_6285.jpg
We ate our Easter lunch and then after a nap (for Hudson, not us!) it was time to play with the new lawn mower and wear his new shirt, of course. This kid had a blast all day!

 photo IMG_6303.jpgThe rest of the weekend was spent hunting more Easter eggs in my mom's yard and eating lots of yummy food. We are so thankful for a wonderful weekend with our families...and for 70 degree weather and lots of time outside!

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16 Responses to “Bunnies and eggs and some hunting”

  1. Too cute!! Love that he wears his rain boots!! My nephew has some that he refuses to take off! HA!

  2. Such precious pics. What a happy Easter! xx

  3. Such a fun Easter weekend! That egg hunt at the lake looks SO fun! And letsbehonest you rock those red boots!

  4. Precious basket and pictures!! Looks like H had a great weekend :)

  5. So many fun goodies! It looks like you had a great weekend - totally loving the spring weather (FINALLY!)

  6. That monogrammed bunny! Love! And how cool is his lawn mower! Blessed kid for sure! Looks like such a lovely Easter weekend!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  7. Julie, Looks like you & your family had a wonderful holiday! It's soooo much fun to watch them Easter Egg Hunt, right? Brooklyn could have done it ALL day! :) :) )

    Freshly Picked Mocassin Giveaway on Friday, April 25!

  8. These pictures are so sweet, happy Easter to your adorable fam!


  9. Carter got a bubble lawn mower from his grandparents for Easter too! :) Seems that Easter bunny thinks alike. We were thankful for gorgeous weather too...it makes life with a toddler who only wants to be outside much easier!

  10. Looked like a fun weekend!

  11. Can't believe how big he's getting! Looking more grown up ever day ;) Glad you guys had a great Easter weekend!

  12. How fun! Hudson is growing up so fast! Happy Easter!

  13. love the real bunny and genius parents to re hide eggs!! that lawn mower looks awesome! I've been thinking about getting Callie one :)

  14. Sounds like Hudson had a great Easter. My boy had a bubble mower and I promise he played with it till the wheels fell off. Best investment we ever made!

  15. OMG! Re-hiding Easter eggs! GENIUS!!! :)

  16. Sounds like a fantastic day! I love your idea of sneaking eggs out of his basket to find all over again...genious I tell ya!!



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