A bullet list...because it's Monday

April 7, 2014

- Friday night we had a Hudson free evening courtesy of my mom....and what did we do? Went out to dinner, went to Target, and then went to a toy store. It was really romantic. The toy store was my husband's idea....he said matchbox cars were on sale. So naturally we left the store almost an hour later. My husband told me I could pick out one toy. Which turned in to two toys + matchbox cars + an adirondack chair. I'm not sure who is more spoiled...me or Hudson. 

- Since my mom had Hudson for the night, I was supposed to sleep in on Saturday. Guess who was up at 6:30 a.m.? I'm no good at sleeping in on days where I actually can. But I did make a dent in our DVR stash and put the kitchen (mostly) back together after painting. I am still painting the hallway and as soon as that's done I'll post more photos. Needless to say, if I could marry Sherwin William's Comfort Gray I would...but I'm already taken. And that would be awkward.

 photo IMG_6118.jpg
- After my sleep in failure we headed up to my mom's lake house to see our little man. Who didn't sleep well either. But had a great time eating amish donuts and putting out food for the dear with grandma. 

 photo IMG_6178.jpg
- And re-arranging the adirondack chairs. 

 photo IMG_6169.jpg- It's a lake house rule that you must live in jammies and wear hats borrowed from Grandma. Oh, and no makeup for mommy....which also means no pictures of mommy.  

- Then after another restless night thanks to a yucky cold, we headed back home and then of course went to a park to play some more. Turns out swings and slides are Hudson's new favorite things. 

Happy Monday!

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13 Responses to “A bullet list...because it's Monday”

  1. Cute post! I love all of your cake stands, seems like you've got a great stash! I'm jealous! My husband and I are kids at a toy store too, sounds like a great date night to me. :)

  2. I love that Jon knew matchbox cars we're on sale! and I'm
    Glad Hudson discovered the park (or that it's warm enough for the park?). I'm not sure what we'd do without the park in our lives!

  3. Your kitchen is so cute...LOVE that color! Xx.

  4. Love the kitchen color!! There are SO. MANY. GRAYS. Gah! And, I would totally be up at 6:30, too, if Cam wasn't home. And, you should totally take pictures with no make-up - those are some of my favorites of my mom because that's how I remember her!

  5. Your date night made me laugh, because my hubby and I have totally done the same thing! One of 5 total date nights we've had and we go to the store to buy our daughter more stuff :D

    I'm very anxious to see your kitchen!

  6. Loving that mini adirondack chair. My husband wants to get one of those for Caleb, and after seeing it here, I am going to say "YES!" They are so cute!:) Also, love that you are so real - it's one of the (many) reasons I love your blog. I too avoid pictures when I have a no makeup kind of day:) Glad you guys had a good date, even if it did involve a toy story and getting up early!:)

  7. Can't wait to see your kitchen. And we had a kid free weekend too, but I had zero trouble sleeping in. You better believe I slept more than any adult human being should sleep. Like 15 hours a night! I guess I had lots of catching up to do!

  8. I love your kitchen decor! Where is the mason jar caddy from? I've been looking for one!

  9. Post more pictures of that paint color! I'm on the hunt for the perfect gray paint to use in our new living room/dining area :)

  10. Swings at the park were a genius invention! You get to keep your child happy and contained in one safe place. I will cry when Owen no longer likes them. You two are so cute going to a toy store on your date night! We do stuff like that too :)

  11. We are loving the swings and slides over here too! This weekend however, Aiden was in the hospital due to severe croup, so we were cooped up:(

  12. I'm so excited to see your kitchen!! EEK! :)

  13. I love those chairs. :) The scream front porch sitting.


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