Raising your child with pets

March 31, 2014

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If you know me, you know that I am a huge animal lover. Growing up, we always had at least two cats and one dog...often more. (10 cats and 3 dogs total over my childhood!) Having pets was just a normal part of my life...and I wouldn't have it any other way. Here I am at about 4 years old with our cat Tramp....he was the sweetest and always let me put my bracelets and necklaces on him.

 And me at about 3 years old with our dog Lady. Can you tell what my favorite movie was??? My pets were a source of comfort, fun, and unconditional love. So many of my childhood memories involve my pets and I can't imagine not having them.

My hope is that Hudson develops a love and respect for animals...just like I did. He already LOVES our two cats and dog...but they don't love him as much...yet. They prefer to watch his crazy antics from a distance. But I know that in a few years they will be inseparable...and that brings so much joy to my heart.

Raising your child with pets helps them to learn to care for and love something other than themselves. Animals teach your children how to have compassion and treat all living things with kindness and respect. Caring for pets, cleaning up after them, exercising them, and taking them to the vet for regular check-ups helps kids learn responsibility. When I was little I was in charge of feeding our pets dinner every night and walking, brushing, and bathing our dogs. I'm sure I complained at times about the level of responsibility, but I wouldn't change my experiences for anything. Having lots of pets was a highlight of my childhood, hands down.

There have even been studies that show dogs and cats help make babies healthier by building their immune system! Score!

Every morning Hudson greets our kitties with a big smile and is always excited to see him. Sophie is constantly watching what Hudson is doing...and often joins in on his game! She is fearless and only runs away when Hudson pulls her tail...we are still working on "gentle"...ha!

Our cats have a kitty door to our basement where they can escape (and use the litter box) Hudson loves to point and meow at them through the door....love! I can't wait for them to become best friends one day. Our home is more complete with our pets in it. We love them just like they were members of our family.

 We recently started using the Litter Genie from Target to make litter box clean-ups a breeze. It's been so helpful for keeping our home fresh and clean...which is a must when you have pets AND little ones! It functions just like a diaper genie...dump the poo in to it and it seals out the smell until it's time to throw out the bag. Cleaning up after our kitties is no longer such a dreaded chore because this makes it super fast...and I don't have to constantly lug poo to the trash bin. Even Hudson thinks it's fun! I can't wait for him to actually be able to help out! (he's just playing with the (clean) Litter Genie in this photo) Click here for a $3 off coupon to use on a Litter Genie at Target!

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11 Responses to “Raising your child with pets”

  1. Lex and our animals is like my favorite thing ever. It's so cute to see them all play and interact! I wouldn't have it any other way ;)

  2. Awww, Julie, I had a sweet dog that looked just like Lady when I was little. Her name was Lizzie (she was a Miniature Sheltie - is that was Lady was?) Yet another thing we have in common:) We have a dog and a cat now, and Caleb loves them both to pieces. Ellie (our dog) loves him back, but Aslan (the cat) is not so sure yet. Loving the idea of the Litter Genie for the dreaded emptying of the litter box. But what do you guys do about cat hair? I find it everywhere, and I do my best to keep on top of it, but it's so hard! Caleb doesn't seem to be too affected by it, but I would still prefer if there was a bit less of it around the house - especially where he plays! Any advice or tips?

  3. I grew up with lots of animals at home due to the fact that my mom loves dogs and my sister would pick up every stray animal she found. It was fantastic and I am raising my son the same way!

  4. Aw! We're big dog lovers too. I grew up in a zoo, no not really, but at one time we had two frogs, three fish, three dogs, three cats, a rabbit and two mice. It was kind of bananas and I don't know how my mom did it!

  5. Is it weird that I'm jealous of your kitty door?! I need one of those!

  6. I love our litter genie! It seriously made doing litter SO much less of a hassle. And I also love that my daughter will grow up with our kitties. I was nervous at first, about how they'd get along, but Kiernan is obsessed with them. And they... well, they let her watch them from a safe distance so far :)

  7. Couldn't imagine life without my family pets! Post wedding, my fiancé and I really want to get a puppy to complete our little family...and so when we have babes one day they will have a built in friend :)! Xx.

  8. Our dog passed when Presley was about 4 months. SHE LOVES LOVES LOVES dogs. We are waiting till we buy another house soon before we get another. I most def agree kids+pets are a JOY!! :)

  9. I agree - I think growing up with pets is incredibly healthy and I wouldn't want it any other way. Our pets are so good with Mac (most of the time). He's still learning how to be gentle with them, but I know it's good for him. I get so sad when I see children that are terrified of dogs or desperately want one but their parents don't. Every kid should have a dog (or two or three). :)

  10. Love those first couple pictures of you with your animals! I was the same way, loving growing up with animals and Emery is without a doubt obsessed with them. So sweet to see Puck come up and cuddle into a ball on Em's nap when we are watching tv... they have a mutual love I think!

  11. Pets are so important. I agree whole heartedly. I grew up with lots of pets and so far Ellie is too, a greater variety than I had as well!



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