Mamas and Plans....

March 18, 2014

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Snacks can only be eaten on top of the coffee table. And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse MUST be on. #toddlerproblems. Isn't it crazy that once you are a mom, your world revolves around your little person? My pre-mama self probably be shocked or maybe even scared of this scene. Actually, I don't even know what she would's been too long and I no longer remember what my life was like without that boy. That most incredible, strong-minded, crazy little boy.

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Don't toddlers eat at the table? And strapped down in a high chair? What my poor pre-mama self doesn't realize is that when you are a mom, you'll do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to have a few moments of peace. And if that means snacks on the coffee table AND tv then so be it. 

There is no sense in planning out how things should go....because once you are a mom, all of your best laid plans go out the window. I'm flying by the seat of my pants every day and I never know what to expect next....and that's just fine by me. Once I get a routine established or think I have it all together, something throws me for a loop and I have to start all over again. My pre-mama control freak self would be TERRIFIED of this "unknown"....but now that I'm a mama, I say BRING IT. Bring on the crazy. Bring on the stress. Bring on the moments of complete Joy. Life is too short to be busy making plans.

 photo IMG_5904copy.jpgI didn't plan for my blog to turn in to a mommy blog...but it sort of has. Although I spin this blog as a "lifestyle" blog, my life revolves around that little redheaded blue eyed boy. Sorry, I'm not sorry. And I'm so incredibly grateful for all of my readers who are and who aren't mamas who have joined me on this journey. You all mean the world to me. One of those mamas, turned blogger friend, who really needs no introduction, is Kristin. Her little girl Kenley is Hudson's long distance girlfriend....because seriously, how cute would these two be together????

Hi Red Shoe lovers! I'm Kristin and I blog over at Mama and Mou, a blog all about being a mom {we're talking the good, the bad and the ugly}.

I have been reading Julie's blog for as long as I can remember and adore it for so many reasons - but the main reason is that Hudson is just 3 months older than my daughter Kenley and as a result Julie has been a great resource for what is coming next for me and my kiddo.

I always thought that being a boy mom would be drastically different than being a girl mom, but if Julie's blog has taught me anything, it's that there really isn't much of a difference at all. Sure boys like trucks and mud while girls like dolls and dress up - but after you strip away the stereotypical blue and pink, being a mom is a being a mom no matter what gender your nugget.

For example....

Whether you are expecting a little girl or a little boy you will retreat into nature {completely overdressed}while cradling your bump and thinking deeply about the future.

Once that baby arrives, your life is flipped upside down. It doesn't matter if the stork drops a blue blanket or a pink, you will find yourself knee deep in breast milk, spit up and baby poop.

Fashion may be a "girl thing" but boy clothes have come a long way and in my opinion are just as cute and fun as girl clothes. At the end of the day, boy or girl, your little is going to find their own personal style.

It's the 21st century and we're all about equal opportunities. We've already learned fashion isn't just for girls, just the same, sports aren't just for boys....

I have also learned that it doesn't matter if you are raising a little man or a little woman...Santa Clause is frickin' scar!

At the end of the day, whether you are a boy mom or a girl mom, being a mom is the most incredible, most challenging and most rewarding job in the world and your fuzzy little bambino or bambina {is that thing? bambina?} will be your pride, joy and greatest accomplishment.
Big thanks to Julie for having me and for showing me the mama ropes! I hope you will all swing by Mama and Mou and say "hi" and link up with me every Tuesday for "Baby Talk" where mamas post about anything and everything pregnancy, baby and motherhood related! 


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15 Responses to “Mamas and Plans....”

  1. Such a super fun post, LOVE IT!

  2. This just warms me heart! Great post ladies! So fun to watch Hudson grow before our eyes.

  3. Isn't this the truth! Both, that we have no idea how much our life will change after baby AND how much fun it is to be either a boy mom or girl mom. Being a Mom is such a gift! Love this and super cute comparison pics, too!!!

  4. Kristin has turned into my long distance/real life friend too... I LOVE HER!! Vegas or bust :)

  5. Two of my favorite moms in one post - WOOHOO! :)

  6. To echo what Carolyn said above: Two of my fave bloggers in one post! Yay! Love both of you, and your adorable littles:) I look to both of you mamas for parenting advice, and am so thankful for your blogs (and friendship!)

    And Julie: my pre-mama self would be shocked by some of the things I've found myself okay with as a mother too. But, like you, I would not change a thing. My little man has completely stolen my heart and I can't imagine life without him!

  7. I love posts like these! I'm so proud and happy to be a mama, and both of you echoed my thoughts exactly!

  8. Great comparison photos! Love Kristen's blog and her sweet little girl! It's so true how parenting changes our worlds, expectations and everything in between -- mostly in ways we can't anticipate. Great post ladies! Love it!

  9. Truth- flying by the seat of my pants and throwing plans out the window every day!

  10. how cute are you? Hilarious pics!

  11. Oooooh YES, I can sooo relate to all of his! Never did I think I would need to buy myself time with mini m&ms... but I do, and I have no shame!

  12. Great post and oh so true. Love the comparison of Hudson and Kenley!

  13. love focusing on these similarities!

  14. Love this! Kristin and Kenley are so cute...and linked to your little H - super sweet!

  15. i'm still in college so no babies for me just yet but i do love reading your blog. it makes me less scared about the day i'll one day have my own, and makes me realize i don't have to totally give my life over to a little one, but that i may want to. ;)


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