Yes To....Great Love

February 20, 2014

 Yes to playing in snow piles that are taller than you.

Yes to milkshakes with my great love.

 Yes to eating pizza on the counter. Because, why not?

Yes to Sunday morning shenanigans.

Yes to snuggles and selfies with my other love.

Yes to washing my face in the living room so that my husband could take a picture. Alternatively titled: Yes to my husband thinking I've officially gone off the deep end.

Yes to taking great care of my skin. YES TO (if you've been reading for a while you know how much I love this company!) sent me their fragrance free skin care line and I am in love. I have super sensitive skin and the YES TO products, especially since they are fragrance free, are a life saver!

 YES TO sent me their Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 (which I HIGHLY recommend by the way),  Daily Creme Facial Cleanser, Intense Hydration Night Cream, Towelettes, and the Exfoliating Cleanser....all of which are fragrance free and perfect for someone like me who needs a little extra help to protect my skin and keep it nourished and moisturized.

 The cleansers and moisturizer have already been added in to my daily routine.

YES TO is giving away 500 Fragrance Free Towelettes here. I mean, you'd be crazy not to enter! Plus the entire YES TO Carrots Fragrance Free Collection is 20% off right now here.

Thank you to YES TO for sponsoring this post and nourishing my skin naturally!

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15 Responses to “Yes To....Great Love”

  1. Awww, love all the cute family moments - especially eating pizza on the counter!

  2. Oh - is that a Shamrock shake you guys are enjoying? We must get one this weekend! Maybe after the boys go to sleep. :)

  3. Such a cute post! And I can totally see Jon's face while taking that picture!!

  4. I love all the pictures. And that pizza one is too cute!

  5. Love the picture of Hudson in his boots! That's a "framer" you'll cherish forever. And I also LOVE the Yes To brand. My favorite is their grapefruit scrub! Smells so fresh and wakes me right up in the morning!

  6. The picture of him in the boots is so cute!!!!! Love it!

  7. I LOVE the Yes To products! I just bought the yes to grapefruit face wash and LOVE it!!

  8. Will have to try out the products!! Xx.

  9. Ok, so the pic of Hudson in those snow boots needs to be in a frame somewhere. Too stinkin' cute for words.

  10. so sweet. :) and now i'm hungry for pizza and milkshakes!

  11. I have been wondering about this brand! I keep seeing it in target and I might have to try it. I currently use Burts Bees but my skin has really changed since my last pregnancy and I'm having some issues with break outs

  12. I love the brand! Make me skin feel so good and it's chemical FREE!

  13. What a cute post!! I'm going to have to check these products out when it's time for replacements!!

    You can find me blogging about "Life on the Parsons Farm" :

  14. ahh - in the boots, super cute!

  15. I've been wanting to try this brand but am scared to switch from my norm. I tried to switch to a Neutrogena face wash and my face got so red! I knew I had sensitive skin, but really?? Might need to try this after your recommendation!


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