A day in the life of a work from home mama

January 21, 2014

Happy Tuesday my friends! Get ready for the much anticipated "day in the life of a work from home mom" post! So many of you have asked what a typical day looks like for me, and I love reading about other mom's schedules....so here we go! I work from home one day a week and this was a sample day at home from last week. I usually work about two hours at home the night before, just to make sure I get all of my work done. It's hard to get much done when Hudson is awake! The days that I go in to work look much different, so I'll do another post about that routine soon!

Get ready for picture overload....all taken on the go with my iphone.

6:00 AM: Time to get up, feed the cats and dog, have a little quiet time, and check my work email before the craziness begins

 6:30 AM: Hudson is up and ready to start the day. He drinks his milk and watches a little Mickey Mouse while I mix up our green smoothies

7:00 AM: We snuggle on the couch (my absolute favorite part of the morning!) and drink our smoothies while we watch more Mickey. And stare at my chipped nail polish. Then we say goodbye to Daddy as he leaves for work (which involves a mini tantrum at the back door....from Hudson, not my husband....but some days it could be either! Ha!)

8:00 AM: Breakfast time! Hudson hangs on my leg while I heat up a whole grain waffle with fruit for him and some scrambled eggs and fruit for me. While he eats I eat with one hand and send a few work emails out with the other. On this day he couldn't be torn away from Mickey, so I pulled his high chair into the living room. Classy.

8:30 AM: Now we begin the rest of our morning....which could alternatively be called "Hudson makes a mess and mommy cleans it up." I try to quickly slap on some mascara and a little foundation while little hands make a grab for all of my makeup. 

9:30 AM: We go for a "drive" around the house while I make a phone call for work. It's the easiest way to keep the crazy one quiet! During the warmer months we take our walk outside.

10:00 AM: We play with blocks, books, puzzles, Wrigley, ALL THE PILLOWS on the couch, the play kitchen....you get the idea. We also get dressed....but some days we stay in pjs all day long!

10:30 AM: My house looks like this. It takes every fiber of my being to ignore the mess for now. 

11:15 AM: Lunch time! Hudson usually has either leftovers or mac n' cheese. Today he's having some teriyaki noodles with chicken, some green beans, and a sliced banana. Wrigley prays that he drops it all on the floor.

12:00 PM: Nap time! Aka, my most favorite time of the day! I rock Hudson and put him in his crib...he chats to himself for a few minutes and then he is out cold. I take a few minutes to each some lunch and then it's back to work for me.

1:30 PM: I need a little break from work so I take a break for a few minutes and curl my hair. 

1:45 PM: I fold laundry while I have a phone conference for work. Multi-tasking at it's finest!

2:45 PM: Hudson is up from his nap! It's time to finally get out of the house. It's Michigan in the winter, so that means we have lots of layers to put on. I grab some snacks and water sippy for Hudson and we are out the door.

3:00 PM: Snack time at Costco. Turns out I didnt' need any of those snacks....Costco has awesome samples today. Hudson gobbles them up while I pick up a few necessities. When we get back in to the car Hudson barfs up the cracker that he just ate....directly in to my hand. Ick. Thank God I keep lots of wipes in the car and in my purse!

4:00 PM: We get home and Hudson plays with his toys while I unload the car and then respond to some more work emails. And by toys I actually mean, he dumps all of the plastic sandwich bags on the floor. This occupies him for at least 20 minutes, so I'll take it!

5:00 PM: Daddy is home (yay!) and plays with Hudson while I make dinner. Tonight we're having this Hummus Crusted Chicken with zucchini that my blog friend Colleen recommended....it looks bad here but it was really good and so easy to make! It was so good I didn't get a photo of it until after dinner! Hudson even ate it and loved the zucchini.

6:00 PM: Daddy takes over and reads books and plays with Hudson while I clean up after dinner and yet again get a little work done. 

6:30 PM: Bath time! Then milk, books, and bedtime for Hudson. He's usually in bed by 7:05ish.

7:15 PM: I can finally have a few minutes to myself! I spend the rest of the night finishing up work, straightening up the house, playing with Wrigley (we normally go on lots of walks, but it's just too cold outside right now, so we throw a ball around in the back yard) watching a little TV with my husband, and getting ready for the next day.  I don't do much of anything blog related on days I work from home...there just isn't any time!

9:30 PM: Shower for me and then bed.

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22 Responses to “A day in the life of a work from home mama”

  1. I've pulled Noah's high hair into the family room too for tv many times as well ;). I'm so jealous your husband gets home at 5 pm!

  2. Fun day! I'd love the option to work from home, it's just not possible with where I work. :( Your curls looked so nice and smoothe, love it! I'm jealous your hubs gets home early too!

  3. What a fun day! I love reading these posts to see what other moms schedules are like. That hummus chicken looks good! :)

  4. That is SO amazing that you have the flexibility to work from home! Lucky mommy! And when the heck do you have time for blogging?! My goodness you stay busy!

  5. I bet you love work from home days! So fun!

  6. As you know, I am at home with Caleb now and can totally understand how hard it is to get anything done with a little man around. I def love spending time with my little guy, but I won't lie - I look forward to nap time too! It's the only time of day I can get anything done!

  7. That's so nice that you get to work from home one day a week! I bet Hudson loves it. The mess part of your house looks pretty much identical to mine and yes, it takes a lot for me not to clean as we go!

  8. OMG! This sounds exactly like my Wednesdays! I've had some requests for a day in the life post, and I was just going to do a work one, but now I think I'll do both! HAHA :) Thanks for the honesty! Gotta love motherhood!!

  9. I always love to read what other moms' days are like...it makes me feel more human! I am a teacher, but we have lots of days off (like yesterday for MLK Jr), and I feel like I get nothing done when I am home with Cam! I get a lot more blogging done at work! Haha

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Do I spy a bottle? My daughter is 17 months and still getting 3 bottles a day..oy. I don't know how to stop them.

  11. The hummus crusted chicken is amazing!

  12. This looks pretty darn similar to my work from home days. I need to try this Hummus Crusted Chicken...YUM!

  13. 7:05 pm that's awesome!! And how cool that your work allows you to work one day from home. I wish mine did that! Your son is so cute!!


  14. I loved reading your day in the life post!! I have always wondered how work-at-home moms get it all done! It is a TON of work. No power naps during nap time, huh? So I will admit that I let Owen eat lunch on the couch every once in a while...usually if he is super cranky and I have to get something done. It just makes us all happy.

  15. Hello!

    I love your little one's chair! Was that from Pottery Barn? I am looking to get my son one for his first birthday. What size is it? I know they come in three different sizes but am stumped at which one to order.



  16. Working from home sounds awesomely busy!! What a great thing you get to do!! I am jealous!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. You are lucky to have a good little eater:) I, too, love nap time!

  18. I love this! Thank you. I, personally, am excited for your working mom post as well, being a working mom myself. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I can't imagine trying to work at home! This is exactly how my day in the life is when I'm home! The house a mess, kid eating in front of tv, ziplocs everywhere! Too funny and soooo real! You're lucky he's a good napper! I'm e-mailing you now about the essential oils!

  20. I love day in the life posts. I'm so jealous of you work from home situation. If I'm working from home I'm stuck on a computer and Mac insists on typing right along with me. Or picking the keys off or dumping yogurt on it. Mmmm...cookies.

  21. I love this :) I have this dream/goal of mine to eventually be able to work from home when we have kids... and I can tell it will be a challenge, but I'm up for it. Thanks for sharing so much with us!

    PS- the hummus crusted chicken turned out good according to the recipe on that blog? I tried something like this similarly and my chicken was no where close to done with their recommendations!


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