Secret Santa...blogger style!

December 19, 2013

This year Hudson and I participated in a blogger holiday gift swap for kids and it was SO fun! Erinn from Strawberry Swing and Other Things helped organize us and pair us up with secret Santas. The task: shop for another blogger's little one and send a $20 limit sweet surprise in the mail. Hudson absolutely LOVED getting an early Christmas present in the mail...and it was fun for me too!

Our secret Santas were Michelle and her cutie pie son HDawg from Ten June!

Want to see what we got?

 photo IMG_4705.jpgThe absolute most cutest farm puzzle by Hape and Touch and Feel Puppy book!

 photo IMG_4643copy.jpgHudson LOVES dogs so so he was crazy about this book! His favorite page is the puppy that looks like his very own real life puppy, Wrigley. Melt. My. Heart.

 photo IMG_4591.jpgHudson also loves his puzzle....and loves handing me all the pieces and watching me put them back in place....he'll get it one day I'm sure!

 photo IMG_4653copy.jpgThank you so much Michelle and HDawg! It was so fun opening up our surprise gift. You totally nailed it! And I think that our boys would for sure be bffs.

 photo IMG_4586.jpgParticipating in this gift swap was SO much fun....I'm already totally on board for next year too....what say you ladies?

 photo IMG_4579.jpgHudson and I played secret Santa for miss Harper and Jess from Little Baby Garvin! I hope Harper enjoyed her box of goodies! I had a blast shopping for a little girl!

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And as if today couldn't get any on for a chance to win a $15 Starbucks card! Let me introduce you to another fabulous blogger....Emily from They Call Me Mama!

Hey, it's me Emily over at They Call Me Mama. I am so happy to be a part of sponsoring The Girl in the Red Shoes this month. I recently started reading Julie's blog and can't get enough!

 I am a 20-something, almost 30, small town girl who met a city boy and fell in love. Mark and I have been happily married for almost 6 years. God blessed us with a twin pregnancy and the Lord has baby Ryder on his lap. We are so blessed to have Wyatt here on Earth with us! Only 21 months later our family expanded to a family of 4 when we welcomed our princess Sloane into the world.

To sum me up in a few words: I am a Christian, wife to best husband, SAHM mama & 2 pups, lover of Diet Coke, Mcdonalds, cleaner, wanna be baker, decorator, obsessive organizer, and business owner...Oh ya, and I am in love with my Chiropractor. ;) 

Emily is kindly offering up a $15 to Starbucks....enter below and be sure to hop on over to Emily's blog and say hello!

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16 Responses to “Secret Santa...blogger style!”

  1. That puzzle looks awesome!! And that book is totally a fav of ours over here!! Hudson looks like he loves it!!

  2. What a cute puzzle! We love Hape, they make such great natural toys! Touch and Feel books never ever get old either!

  3. Love that puzzle and we love touch and feel books! And Ashlynn still prefers to take pieces out of the puzzle than put them in, but we are working on it ;)

  4. What a fun idea! Looks like Hudson loved his gifts:)

  5. Hudson is so adorable in his jammies!!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  6. Awww so fun to see Hudson playing with the toys! I knew that doggie book would be a hit, it's one of our favs! Otherwise entitled the "oof oof boo" if you're HDawg : ) Merry Christmas! xo

  7. We love books and puzzles over here...such a great gift!!

  8. What a fun swap!! I am so jealous of all the great gifts. ;) I might have to steal a few ideas!!

  9. Great gift! He is too cute! I think we might just need that Golden Retriever book too!

  10. Looks like Hudson loves his gifts!

  11. I'm in for next year too!! Looks like Hudson enjoyed his early Christmas gifts!!! :)

  12. what a cute puzzle! and what a handsome little guy!

  13. Julie, thank you so much for the sweet gifts & Christmas card!! Harper loves all of her goodies!! You guys are so sweet. Sending you lots of love!!! XO

  14. Ahhh Hudson got some awesome gifts!!! I'm slightly distracted by his kick a** pj's though, LOVE!

    Can't wait to do this again next year! :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  15. I am loving his Fair Isle print jammies - so sweet!

  16. These spa gift idea would be a perfect well they can be put in a surprise gift boxes instead of a transparent container.

    personalized gifts


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