My Favorite Green Smoothie

November 26, 2013

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Now that Hudson is eating big people food, it has really opened my eyes to the types of food we keep in our house. I want Hudson to grow up with a healthy view of food and learn how to make wise choices. Everyone who has a toddler can attest to how picky they can I need to get creative when it comes to making sure he eats lots of healthy fruits and veggies. 

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Enter my secret weapon: The green smoothie. I make one of these bad boys every single day. Each time I make one it's a little different, but usually I stick to our tried and true favorites: a little bit of crushed ice, a handful of frozen strawberries, one banana, 1/2 cup yogurt, a splash of juice, and a huge handful of spinach. Yep, I said spinach. I promise you that you can't even taste it's in there.

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Hudson gets SO excited when he hears the blender start. He knows some yummy goodness is coming his way!

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Blend everything for about 30 seconds and you're all set! 

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It may look gross, but it's really yummy! I crave these every morning! 

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The best part is that Hudson LOVES his green smoothie. Here he is playing with mine but he usually has his own sippy straw cup filled with smoothie. 

Another small change to my diet has been taking FruitsMax. I try to eat enough fruit and veggies every day but life with a toddler can be very busy...which means sometimes it doesn't happen. Taking FruitsMax every day makes living a healthy lifestyle a little easier. FruitsMax is basically a small pill made only from fresh fruits. It has a combination of 21 fruits, probiotics,12 essential vitamins, 11 minerals, hundreds of nutrients and a good dose of antioxidants. FruitsMax helps boost your immune system, promotes digestive health and basically has helped me feel healthier, which I love. More information about FruitsMax can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
Want to try FruitsMax? They are generously giving the first bottle to customers FREE. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling. If you sign up for their monthly newsletter you will also get an additional 15% off. No promo code required!

I love taking small, easy steps towards improving our health. What are you doing to make sure your family eats their fruits and veggies? 

(Please note that Hudson does not take FruitsMax. My opinion of the product is based on my experience only, not my family's. Please consult your pediatrician before giving your child any type of supplement.)

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12 Responses to “My Favorite Green Smoothie”

  1. Hudson's face of excitement is so cute! We love our smoothies here too! They're so good and so healthy! Yours looks great!

  2. Such a smart way to sneak in more fruits & veggies - Kenley will definitely be getting her first smoothie soon.

  3. First of all I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Adding you to my bloglovin feed! Second, that shake idea is brilliant and I am doing it!!!!

  4. We have these all the time too! Tastes better than they look. We add blueberries or raspberries sometimes too.

  5. A. This looks delish.
    B. Everything looks even cuter in a mason jar.
    C. Maybe I should get a blender.


  6. the blender going is like calling "Sooooooiiiiieeeee" to pigs to come eat in this house. Lex gets so excited and starts dancing saying "smoothie! smoothie! smoothie!". but we're the lame parents who totally don't pack it with spinach!

  7. Yep! The blender, like Erin said, is the siren to let Owen know it's "Smoooooovie!!!!!!!!!" time in our house. It is amazing how the fruit totally masks the bitter flavor of the spinach!

  8. Sounds delish!! Adorable that Hudson loves these too!!

  9. I need to get back in the habit with my green drinks... I have fallen off the bandwagon hard.

  10. Ok. You've officially made me want to start making some smoothies. But only if I can drink mine from a precious mason jar like yours. Where did you find one with the top for the straw like that?

  11. Is your marriage post gone? I read it from my phone app and came back to comment because I loved it and thought it was so beautifully written (and SO very true and on point) and it says that the page is gone?! Anyways, I really loved your post!!!

  12. We love green smoothies at our house too! Love your mason jar sippy cup! Adorable.


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