Halloween Pajama Party!

October 23, 2013

I interrupt the regular scheduled Breastfeeding Diaries (don't worry, they will be back next week...in the meantime you can find them here) today to link up with The Good Life and The Tichenor Family for the Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Pajama Party!!!!

It's no secret that I LOVE me some cute jammies!

 photo IMG_2389copy.jpg
There's nothing cuter than a little boy in Halloween pajamas playing with pumpkins. These are from Gymboree and are my favorite! 

 photo IMG_2356copy.jpg
Scary skeleton. I die.

 photo IMG_2348copy.jpg
That little pumpkin has since been destroyed by the scary skeleton. 

 photo IMG_2355copy.jpg
RIP cute pumpkin. You didn't stand a chance.

 photo IMG_2650.jpg
 Yep. We have three pairs of Halloween pajamas. You can tell Hudson is SO OVER IT. Just wait until Christmas.....

 photo IMG_2387copy.jpg
I can't wait to see all of the other little ghosts and goblins! Make sure you visit the link up!

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20 Responses to “Halloween Pajama Party!”

  1. Oh my goodness, his face in the pumpkin face jammers....love him!

  2. So, so cute! We have those scary skeleton PJ's in pink and I cannot get enough of them!

  3. Your little punkin' is so cute!! Halloween pjs are the best! :)

  4. Hudson's two precious little bottom teeth make every smile in every picture so perfect - they are too cute!!!

    You know I love me some holiday jammies - they're irresistible! So far, I've managed to keep Caleb's Halloween pjs to just 2 pairs. But I honestly couldn't tell you how many pairs of Christmas ones he has at this point. I can't stop buying them. They're so darn precious!

    I think my breastfeeding story is the one for next week's post - so excited!:)

  5. His little belly in the jack-o-lantern pjs is killing me! So stinkin cute!! :) We only have 1 pair of Halloween jams, but I am with you, I go ALL OUT for Christmas attire ;)

  6. Found you from the PJ link up :)

    I love the tiny pumpkin and how he is trying to eat it! He is adorable!

  7. Love me some good Halloween jammies. And I love me some Hudson ;)

  8. Hudson you're the CUTEST!! I love how little boy's tummies always stick out in jammies!!

  9. SO so precious!! I just love how you dress Hudson, jammies & all!! :)

  10. What a cutie, love all of his Halloween PJ's. I especially love the photo where he is nibbling on the pumpkin!!

  11. Those ones from gymboree are so cute! I hadn't seen those in my jam hunt. I love that little belly sticking out in that second to last pic too. Pumpkin bellies are the best.

  12. Just dying over his cute jams!! Love them all!

  13. Love love love. His little belly sticking out is the cutest thing EVER!

  14. I mean really?! He kills me with his jammies and cute little smiles. That belly doesn't hurt one bit either!

  15. I love them all!! So cute. I can't wait for Christmas pajama's too. That's when I go all out!

  16. Oh I love all 3 pairs!! They look so cute on him.

    I can't wait to see his Christmas jams!

  17. Hudson's candy corn and pumpkin jammers are the best! I can tell the boy loves him some pumpkins...he's like a little pumpkin hulk! Too cute :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  18. I love the skeleton too... he looks adorable. I love festive pjs too!

  19. Pumpkin noms! Hehehe. We love taking the seeds out and seasoning and cooking them! Tastes DELISH.

    Happy Thursday!



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