Kid Tested, Mom Approved: Tried and True Toys

September 17, 2013

It's my turn to host the Kid Tested, Mom Approved link up! I'm so excited to talk all about toys! So grab the code from the box below, add it to your post, and link up with us at the bottom of this post!


I'm always on the hunt for fun toys. We probably have WAY too many....but that's part of the fun. Here are a few of our absolute favorites lately.

favorite toys

1. Jellycat stuffed animals. Hudson has a few of these adorable guys from Jellycat and they really are the best. So cute and so soft.

 photo RenAug13_18wm.jpg
2. Books, books, and more books. Hudson loves books, which makes me SO happy. He especially loves Biscuit's Pet & Play Halloween, The Little Blue Truck, and That's Not My Elephant.

 photo IMG_1399.jpg
3. Hudson got this Step2 car for his birthday and he loves it. We go for a ride every day...he just can't get enough!

4. Spatulas. I'm not kidding. Hudson LOVES spatulas. And tupperware. Sometimes I wonder why we even buy any toys.

5. Hudson also loves any type of ball. He loves throwing them and chasing them around the house. This one by Crocodile Creek that we got in our Citrus Lane box last month is one of our favorites.

6. The last time I was at Ikea I picked up these plush vegetables for Hudson and they quickly became one of his favorite toys. They are super cute too! He is obsessed with the mushrooms and carries them everywhere.

 photo IMG_1918.jpg
7. Little people. Hudson LOVES Little People. Right now our favorites are the Little People Farm and Noah's Ark. And I secretly love playing with them too. They are just too cute for words.

8. Ikea kids cups are another favorite. I picked them up thinking they would be fun in Hudson's play kitchen...turns out he LOVES stacking them and putting little treasures in them. So cute!

9. We just got this B. Parum Pum Pum Drum for $5 at a church sale and Hudson has had a blast playing with all of the instruments inside!

If you have the chance to go to a mom to mom sale do's a great chance to pick up gently used toys for a great price. There is a local church that has a sale twice a year and if you volunteer to work at it they let you shop the sale a day early. My husband is sweet and volunteers to work it, just so I can shop! We've found so many toys that look brand new and were a steal!

What are your kids' favorite toys? Link up below! And make sure you join us on Thursday to share your Kid Tested, Mom Approved Go-To Gear.

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17 Responses to “Kid Tested, Mom Approved: Tried and True Toys”

  1. I love that you included a spatula on the list of favorite toys. My little man can be found running around the house with a pancake flipper just about every day. Little Blue Truck is one of our faves too. Great list!

  2. Great list!! Little Blue Truck is one of Cameron's favorite books!! I am going to have to check out the Little People toys...he has a few other toys like them and loves them!!

    Oh, and balls are scattered throughout our house!! Whenever Cam sees anything round, he thinks it's a ball...oranges are his current obsession, so we have lots of bruised oranges in the kitchen! :)

  3. I love playing with my daughter's Little People too. Thankfully she loves them just as much. ;) Great selection!

  4. I literally just bought that drum set at Target last night to go with Sofia's birthday presents :) So glad to hear Hudson loves it!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  5. While I'm not a mama yet, I really love following your blog especially this series. I think when blogging can be used in this positive manner, to uplift each other, encourage, and help make the day a little brigher, we are all better for it. Can't wait to be able to put your great adivce to use some day. :)

  6. Scarlett loves playing with spatulas too! Ha ha I have one in her toy box!

  7. We need that arc ASAP!!! I love it almost as much a I love the little boy playing with it!

  8. $5 for the drum?! What a great find!! That's on my list for my little man's first birthday. I've seen so many kids love it. Plus his daddy wants him to be a drummer, so better start early! ;-)

  9. Great list! Your favorites are going to come in handy in a few months :) I need to make an ikea trip to pick up some of those adorable pieces!!
    And we've been to two consignment sales at local churches- they are the best!!

  10. I think that Little People Noah's Arc will definitely be on a little guy's Christmas list! Too cute!

  11. I think this may be the best of the link ups! Christmas is coming up in two blinks. I'd forgotten about Little People, and I love the push car, drum, and jellycat. Great ideas!

  12. I was so excited for this link up! Love learning about new toys for E!

  13. We got our little girl that drum for her birthday after she loved it at a friend's house! I'll have to check some more of these out.

  14. Ikea has some great hidden gems huh? I was so surprised to see all the toys they have the last time I went. I've been meaning to get there to buy Owen the veggies too!

  15. Love this post. Great toys! We have so many of the same ones. And Mac also loves spatulas and all kitchen utensils!

  16. Whoa, husband of the year award!!! You can bet I'll be telling Chris about that--I want to shop early too! ;) Love this list though…I just ordered the Halloween book! Why does Amazon make it so easy to spend money?!?

  17. Love this list, thank you!!! So helpful!!


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