Kid Tested, Mom Approved: The Style File

September 3, 2013

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Today Erin from Hello Erin is hosting and we are talking about kid style!

 photo hudson.jpg
Shirt and shorts: Gap / Shoes: Tiny Toms
Dressing up a little boy is so much more fun than I ever thought it would be! The majority of Hudson's clothes are from Gap, Old Navy, Target, and Carter's. I hardly ever buy anything that's not on sale...whenever Gap or Old Navy have a 30-40% off sale I stock up on clothes...I'll even buy things a year in advance if they are a good deal!

Boys Clothes

I stick to a basic formula for Hudson's clothes. Easy to wear tops (we have all of these!) + comfy pants (Gap and Carter's). Since I can't accessorize Hudson with cute headbands and bows, I am always on the lookout for cute shoes, accessories, and fun printed t-shirts. Some of my favorite shirts for boys are from The Printed Palette on Etsy. Hudson just started wearing shoes and so far we love Tiny Toms, Stride Rite, and Freshly Picked Moccasins.

 photo IMG_1444.jpgShirt and pants: Gap
Green is Hudson's color (just like momma!) so I try and buy green when I see it!

 photo IMG_1492.jpg
It's Awesome Time shirt: The Printed Palette / Pants: Gap / Moccasins: Freshly Picked

 photo IMG_1519.jpg
Shirt: Gap / Shorts: Target

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18 Responses to “Kid Tested, Mom Approved: The Style File”

  1. How cute is he?! I love Gap too, they have such great things for kids!

  2. Good grief, I can't handle the cuteness. Hudson is one stylish little man. Love all his outfits. Green is my color too.. well olive. Love that little gingham shirt in the last pic. I realized the other day that just about every tshirt O has is striped?! hmmm.. obsession much?

  3. What a stylish little one!! Love it! Kennedy can fit into J. Crew stuff now and I am so excited about the cuteness that is Crew Cuts!

  4. love your picks! totally agree with it all, especially carters, such a great fit!! I never even knew about the printed palette, thanks for the heads up! & I must say that Hudson's hair color is the absolute cutest!! (even though I'm partial to little strawberry men haha!) :)

  5. Hes SO cute!! Gap gets me every time... And you need to tell me how freshly picked moccs hold up on walking feet!!

  6. I love Hudson's little style! Kenley is just about ready to start wearing actual shoes and I am SO excited! :)

  7. He sure is looking like a big boy already. I loved his little jeans and striped shirt!

  8. Thanks for The Printed Pallett suggestion, I will have to check it out. It's hard finding etsy shops with boys clothes! Also, Hudson is adorable in his Tiny Toms!

  9. Before I had a kid I didn't understand the greatness that is dressing a tiny human. Love that Hudson's colour is green! Perfection. And, I can't get over the little cargo pants. Seriously cute. Love this link up!

  10. Hudson is one well-dressed little guy! Love his {your!} style!!! xo

  11. Hudson always looks SO handsome! Good job mom!! :)

  12. I just looove the last photo of him in that checkered shirt and huge smile!! What a perfect picture!! He is such a little handsome man. :)

  13. Oh Hudson--could you be in cuter in your moccs and toms?!? And the awesome time tee…LOVE! I'm definitely going to have to check out the Printed Palette for some boy gifts that I have coming up :)

  14. Oh and I'm with Erin--let me know what you think about FP now that he's walking. I'm definitely going to get Arden a pair of moccs for the fall, i just don't know which ones yet!

  15. everyone always says it's so hard to find cute clothes for boys but that is CLEARLY not the case! He's a cutie-pie. The Awesome time T is my fave. I love his comfy/cute style!

  16. I think Gap really has the overall best selection for boys! Hudson definitely looks great in green!

  17. I am so sad I didn't know about freshly picked moccs when Abigail was a wee one. I adore them so.

    I FINALLY got Abigail two pairs of Tiny Toms recently. I'd been wanting to get her a pair since her 1st birthday but could never pull the trigger. I'm SO glad I did now, because I love them. LOVE them. I love H's little red ones. So cute!!

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