Hudson's Birthday Party

September 23, 2013

 photo IMG_1157-1.jpgHappy Monday! I finally have a chance to talk about Hudson's birthday party! We decided to have a small family party...and although part of me was sad we didn't have a big bash, I feel like we did the right thing. The day was just us, and just perfect.

 photo IMG_1057.jpg
The decor was centered around the adorable bow-tie garland from Aidie's Hideaway.

 photo IMG_1059.jpg
I made the cupcakes myself (after a debacle of trying to make egg-free ones for Hudson since he hadn't had eggs yet. Here's a tip for anyone who is interested:  google how to substitute applesauce for eggs before you just randomly try to do it. You'll save yourself some time and won't have to toss out a batch of cupcakes.)

 photo IMG_1070.jpg
Yum...they were SO good!

 photo IMG_1061-1.jpg
We held the party at my mom's beautiful lake house.

 photo IMG_1080.jpg
Pretty drinks....totally bought these just because they matched the decor.

 photo IMG_1094.jpg
The food was so good. My husband grilled burgers and fish to go along with corn on the cob, and pasta salad.

 photo IMG_1141.jpg
The birthday boy! The hardest part of the party was finding a place that sold balloons in my mom's small lake town. And then Hudson was kind of scared of them. Oh well!

 photo IMG_1190.jpg
Our little family.

 photo IMG_1197.jpg
Hudson loved opening presents of course!

 photo IMG_1278.jpg
Ready for some cake! Birthday hat from Stitch to my Lu.

 photo IMG_1285.jpg
 photo IMG_1297.jpg
He didn't really go to town on the cupcake like I had imagined. But he still liked it!

 photo IMG_1309_1.jpg
I still can't believe I have a one year old! We had a great day celebrating our little man!

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24 Responses to “Hudson's Birthday Party”

  1. Looks like a great party! I love that bow tie garland!

  2. Very cute garland! Happy birthday to Hudson.

  3. Awww! So cute! It looks like you did an awesome job, with decorations and everything (decor is where I usually get lazy with parties, lol)

  4. Adorable party, and those cupcakes look delicious! I've modified my muffin recipe to be eggless. We sub in applesauce and you'd never know the difference!

  5. What an adorable first birthday party! I love how simple, yet whimsy and adorable everything was. SO fun!!!!

  6. So nice! I want to eat those cup cakes!

  7. What a fun party!! Good job, mamma!!

  8. Such a cute, sweet, and perfect party!! Seriously the CUTEST birthday boy ever!!

  9. Such a cute party! I love the bowtie garland!

  10. Love this party! Can't go wrong with burgers and fish, mmm mmm! I love that you had a REAL party, not one of those crazy Mama, "let me out do you" parties ;)

    IG: megawat
    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  11. Happy Birthday Hudson. I cannot believe its been a whole year. It has been a joy to watch him grow this past year and share along with you on this journey of motherhood. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you and your blog.

  12. What an adorable party! Happy Birthday to Hudson!! You have such a beautiful family.

  13. The sweetest it! It looked perfect and was definitely sentimental for you two!

  14. Looks like just the perfect party so that Hudson enjoyed it and wasn't overwhelmed! Love all your decor!

  15. Hudson's party looks like it was perfect! Sometimes the small, intimate get-togethers with just family are the best:) And yum to the cupcakes!!! They look delish.

  16. You all look so happy to be celebrating Hudson's 1st birthday. I love the little bow tie garland! We had a very similar party! Small, just family, nothing too crazy, with lots of food and presents. I think when she's a little older we'll definitely go all out. Hope you're having a great Monday!

  17. You were so smart to do a small family gathering!!! I wish we had.. it was too much with the little one... next year that's what we'll be doing! It looks like a fun and special day for all! Happy Birthday again Hudson!

  18. I think the party was great too! Good work Jules. :)

  19. You did awesome momma. No detail left uncombed :) xo

  20. Everything is adorable! Just the kinda party I'd want to throw :) Hudson looks so grown up and adorable as ever!

  21. Love that you bought the drinks just because they matched! Totally something I would do. And, my husband would rolls his eyes at me. Mmm your cupcakes look yummy. I am excited for Aria's first birthday.

  22. It looked like a perfect day and I think it's so special that it was just family! And the birthday boy--the CUTEST!!!

  23. What a DARLING birthday party! Mia is 9 months old so I've been trying to decide what to do for her 1 year party (because it will be here before I know it, YIKES!) and I think we will be doing a small birthday party. It will be so much more stress-free for me and Mia to have a small gathering!


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