5 on Friday

September 20, 2013

Happy Friday!!! I've been dealing with a sick kiddo all week, so I am SO glad to see the weekend come around. (And thankfully he's MUCH better!). Today I'm linking up with The Good LifeCarolina CharmA. Liz Adventures, and  Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday...and you should too!

{one} It's basically fall...which means it's time for some new fall candles from Bath and Body Works!!!! I LOVE all things pumpkin...and these are my absolute favorites! My house smells like a yummy pumpkin pie.

 photo IMG_1936.jpg
{two} Our Citrus Lane box arrived yesterday and it was another hit! Click here for $10 off your first box! That makes your box just $15 and you get free shipping. Yay! It's such a fun way to learn about new products specifically picked out for your child....and it's like Christmas morning when your box of surprises arrives! I decided to increase Hudson's age in the system by 6 months so that we would get items for the next stage he is in...I'm not sure if that had any impact on our box or not. This month we got a Charley Harper ABCs book (that is gorgeous!) a full-size Playful Wash by Episencial that smells so good, a Super Toddler Bar from Happy Family that I'm keeping in our diaper bag for emergencies, City Planner Blocks from Hape Toys that I am in love with!!!! I'm saving them for a special surprise for Hudson when we travel to CA next month. And I also got a special treat for myself....a nail polish by Julep. I've been wanting to try Julep for awhile now so I was super excited to get this! We also received a ton of coupons and 20% off an order at Julep.

 photo IMG_1913.jpg
{three} Why, yes, I do enjoy lining up Hudson's animals two by two to enter the Ark. Thanks for asking. They stay that way for about 3 seconds before he godzilla-smashes them.

 photo 9ac963034c.jpg
{four}There's still time to enter the Aidie's Hideaway giveaway going on right here. Her garlands are a must for fall!

{five} I'm kicking myself for not ordering the Mint Condition necklace from Premier Jewelry. It needs to be mine, don't you think? If you sell Premier let's chat!

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20 Responses to “5 on Friday”

  1. I have a great co-worker who sells Premier, send me an e-mail if you are interested in her info! Emily Watson - erbomar@yahoo.com

  2. I ordered the earrings and love them! I didn't realize how cute the necklace was - I might have to order it as well!!!

  3. our citrus lane box had a purple poodle purse instead of the blocks. . . clearly we're HUGE citrus lane fans over here now!! and ive been burning my b&b pumpkin goodness for a week now. bring on FALL!!!

    ps- so so happy hudson is feeling better!!!

  4. How smart to increase their age in the Citrus Lane system. Hadley is 11 months and we got a rolling toy instead of the blocks and some lotion instead of the toddler bar. I may bump her up for the next kit.

  5. Godzilla-smash...that's a perfect explanation! Cameron gets this Grinch-like smile when I start stacking his blocks because he knows he's about to Godzilla-smash them!! Haha

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I hope that sweet angel is feeling better today!!

    And that garland is amazing -- love it!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and catch up on some rest!

  7. I ordered that necklace...can't wait to get it :)

  8. That's why Godzilla didn't make the ark... too busy knocking the other animals down :)

  9. Oh my gosh, I just love that you line up his animals. So cute!


  10. Am loving the B&BW pumpkin candles. I stocked up when they had their 2 for $22 special. Hope you got in on the deal. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  11. I do something similar with my daughter's toys! It's fun to watch them destroy it all, haha.

    I'm loving the pumpkin pecan waffle candle. I've burned it so much it's already more than half way through. Problems.

  12. I am two mouse clicks away from buying that precious Thanksgiving garland. Want. It. So. Bad. But we also have our house up for sale and have no idea where we might be at Thanksgiving, so that's holding me back a bit...

    So with you on the pumpkin candles. I picked up sweet cinnamon pumpkin a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it ever since. Love this season so much!!!:)

  13. your blog is adorable! all the colors put me in a great mood right away! that bunting is soo cute! and i loveee fall candles! :)

    happy friday!
    xo, sarah grace

  14. I love Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin! It's been burning in my house constantly.

  15. The Pumpkin Pecan Waffles has been burning in my house all week! I could literally eat the stuff! HAHA! Fall decorations are going up in my house this weekend & I seriously cannot wait!! Hope y'all have a great, sicky-free weekend!!

  16. THE PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLE CANDLE! Holy goodness of scents. Mine has about 1 more burn left, I've had it lit all month :)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  17. I need to get my fall scented candles...it just doesn't feel like fall without them!

    My daughter loves that ark toy too!

    Have a great weekend!!

  18. I've always been curious about Citrus Lane and now I know its awesome!
    Whitney @ work-it-mommy.blogspot

  19. OMG i completely forgot about looking for candles at b&b! WOo thanks for the reminder! Great blog you have here! Will be following for sure :)


  20. So sorry to tell you this but I bought the mint condition necklace and love it! I'd wear it every day if I could. If you need a Premier seller let me know! xoxo - Katie


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