Hudson's Birthday Wishlist

August 15, 2013

Hudson's Birthday Wish List

I can't believe my little man is going to be ONE in a few weeks! We sat down yesterday and he told me all the things he wanted for his birthday....

1. Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. Hudson would LOVE having his own little chair to sit in. And I wouldn't mind having it in my house. Plus it's adorable.

2. Fisher Price Little People Farm. Hudson loves little people and I know he would love playing with these farm animals! Plus it's so cute I can't even stand it! 

3. Green Toys Fire Truck, Recycling Truck, and Airplane. We've given these as a gift a few times but don't have any ourselves! Hudson is all boy and would LOVE any of these.

4. Fun Sensory Balls. No explanation needed...Hudson would have a blast with these!

5. Melissa and Doug Condiments and Ice Cream. We are working on fixing up a little kitchen for Hudson and he needs some cute play food! Melissa and Doug makes the cutest little foods ever.

6. Step2 Car. We need some kind of toy to push our little guy around in. I can imagine big belly laughs would come from riding in this car!

7. Radio Flyer Wagon. Talk about riding in style! This thing is awesome. I'm sure Hudson would have a blast riding around the neighborhood in this thing!

8. Shark case by Minnebites. OMG. I love this. I just couldn't help myself. This is too cute! Once Hudson gets a little older I can imagine us storing crayons in this.

9. Money for his college account. We started Hudson a savings account when he was born and I know he will appreciate contributions to it one day!

10. Gap gift card. Hudson needs some new clothes for fall and Gap is our favorite place to shop!

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15 Responses to “Hudson's Birthday Wishlist”

  1. Great list! The PB Kids chair is so fun! Ella loves sitting in hers! It's nice you can move then from room to room! :) We have the Step 2 car and wagon! We use of them ALL the time!

  2. Blaire loves many of those - great choices!

    So, last night I had a dream that you announced on Instagram you were having a baby girl. And naming her kate. Crazy, right? I had to double check instagram to see if it was true or if I'd made it all up.

  3. I hope he gets everything on his list (except the gap card. Silly boy. Birthdays are for toys- not clothes). #1 on his list needs to be the car... I can't remember the last time we used lex's stroller- that's how much we love the car (maybe you can find snow tires for it?).

  4. Love this list! I have been wanting to get that Radio Flyer also!

  5. The green toys trcks are the best!!! We also have a push car like the blue one and we've spent soooo much time in it this summer (the seat belt is key, we have another one with no seat belt and mid-walk he'll climb out!)

    Carter has a land of nod chair and he sits in it all the time too!

    So exciting to celebrate 1 year!!

  6. Man Hudson really knows what he wants :) Smart little man :) LOVE that chair by the way!

  7. This is a GREAT list!! :) Hopefully Hudson gets a lot of it! HAHA!

  8. Great list! Avery got the wagon but we're waiting to open it until we move. I can't wait to use it with her. She also loves her cozy coupe and Melissa and Doug puzzles.

  9. Yay!! So many fun items here...we love the Green Toys and the wagon! Happy Almost Birthday Hudson!!

  10. A great idea for kitchen food is to tape back together old boxes you use! He may be too little right now but good for the future!

  11. We got Ethan that wagon when he was 6 months old because it was on (a really really awesome) sale around Christmastime. He didn't end up using it until he was a year old and now, at 2, he still LOVES it. He is OBSESSED with his wagon -- sometimes I even let him take it for a ride in the mall. ;) His friends love to ride, too, and it's so spacious and awesome. The shade is a huge plus in Florida, too! Hudson will love it! (And check Amazon for sales. That's where we found ours!)

  12. All cute stuff! :) I love those lil kid-sized chairs, too adorable!

  13. My daughter loves little people, I'm sure Hudson will have lots of fun playing with the little farm. We also got her the red tikes car and take her out for rides around the neighborhood. So much fun!

  14. These are ALL fantastic picks for a first birthday gift! The PBK chair is one of my favorite things we've bought for Owen because he uses it every single day. And the farm? It's a classic and he never tires of playing with it! Can't believe he's going to be one so soon!

  15. Fun list...I think Cam would love all of these too!! (He got ball pit balls from Walmart for $12 for his birthday and LOVES them...just an FYI!) ;)


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