Happy 11 Months Hudson!

August 5, 2013

I can't believe my baby is going to be one next month!!! He's growing up way too fast!

 photo 11months.jpg
Height and Weight: Hudson weighs 23 pounds and is 29 inches long.

 photo IMG_0230.jpg
Health: Other than a minor cold, he's been pretty healthy this month!

 photo IMG_0647.jpg
Sleep: Hudson sleeps through the night (10-11 hours) about 90% of the time. He woke up last night (of course!) crying....I think teething is to blame for this one. I'm so thankful for a baby that finally sleeps! Usually we try to put him to bed around 7:00-7:30 but lately he's been fighting bedtime like a champ and goes down around 8:00 or sometimes 8:30. And once he didn't go to sleep until 9:30! It doesn't matter what time he goes to bed, he's usually up by 6:30 a.m.! As for naps, I can usually count on a good 2 hour morning nap, but the afternoon nap is usually hit or miss. 

 photo IMG_0033.jpg
Diet: Hudson is still drinking breastmilk throughout the day but also enjoys water and apple juice. His favorite foods are black beans, cheese, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, bread, turkey, and puffs. And if you are eating a popsicle, you better share it with him. Or there will be a major meltdown.

 photo IMG_0322.jpg
Clothes: Hudson is wearing size 12 month clothing and pajamas...although a few of his 12 month pajamas have been put away because he's too tall for them. He still wears size 3 diapers.

 photo IMG_0241.jpg
Baby Gear Love: Anything Hudson can push around to help him walk is a favorite this month. Toys, buckets,  a big box, chairs...you name it!

 photo IMG_0466.jpg
Likes: Hudson LOVES to walk while holding on to a toy or mommy or daddy's hands. This boy never sits still. He also loves it when you sing the "wheels on the bus" song to him. He loves to go on walks in his stroller and loves to smile at everyone. Hudson is constantly "talking" and has the cutest voice I've ever heard!

 photo IMG_0237.jpgDislikes: He does not like holding still for a diaper change or having his face wiped off after dinner. 

 photo IMG_0334.jpg
Social: Hudson started swim lessons this month! He totally didn't know what to think of the big bathtub and looked really confused the entire time. He did really great and didn't cry, even when he was dunked under water. He started to enjoy splashing around in the water during his very last lesson last week, so we are thinking of doing lessons again in a few months.

 photo IMG_0627.jpg
Milestones: We have a 3rd tooth! And the 4th one will probably show up any day now. Both of the new teeth are on the top and in the front. We also upgraded him to a big boy car seat and he likes it so much better!

We love you big boy! Next month you'll be one whole year old....and I can't believe it! You have filled our lives with so much joy. I don't know what we'd do without you!

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24 Responses to “Happy 11 Months Hudson!”

  1. Happy 11 months! I love the pic of him in the crib, so cute! Chloe does the same thing when I try to change her! So frustrating but so cute!

  2. Can not believe he is 11 months old now! Such a sweet boy! Looking forward to hearing all your big birthday boy plans.

  3. such a fun fun time! Reading this was like a mini (short) flashback to where we just were a few month ago... so many similarities, except ht and wt, because H is gaining on A.. almost as tall and already heavier - you probably got some sweet guns girlfriend!

  4. Happy 11 months Hudson! I'm so glad he's sleeping better! Don't you wish you could go back to when he was really little and reassure yourself that you would, someday, be able to get some sleep again? Sleep is so wonderful!

    I think Hudson and Owen would be great friends! Owen loves "Wheels on the Bus", black beans and popsicle too!

  5. 11 months already!! i cant believe it!! he's so so cute!!! and i can see youre definitely looooooving the new camera :)

  6. ps- lex is reading over my shoulder and keeps yelling "bebe!! beeebeee!!" at hudson and wants to play. . .

  7. How are our BABIES turning one?!? Hudson is definitely one of the best dressed boys out there! Avery is the same way with popsicles!

  8. I cannot believe H is already 11 months old!! What are the plans for his one year?! So exciting!!

  9. How is it possible that he's this old already?!?!?! I think he gets cuter with every month update! :)

  10. He is too cute! I can't believe he is almost 1 year old, time flies! xoxo

  11. Happy 11 months Hudson!! Love the photo on the end of the pier!

  12. The wheels on the bus is the best! I have just discovered that kids here in Sweden know it too (in Swedish) - one song linking the world - love it!!

  13. He is so cute! Love the picture of you two together!

  14. He is so cute! Love the picture of you two together!

  15. Love the picture of you two together and in the crib! We have the same carseat and LOVE it!!! He looks so happy! :)

  16. Happy 11 months to Hudson!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for his 1st birthday! :) But really, how did this happen so fast?!?!

  17. OMG I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 11 months, buddy! He is the cutest little ginger boy ever!

  18. He is SO handsome! How do you have an almost one year old?!?! I cannot believe he is so big. Time is just flying!!!!

  19. The pic of you and Hudson on the dock is adorable. You're raising such a good boy. :)

  20. Our little guys seem so similar! :) Noah just turned eight months, though, so he's not quite there on the weight or height! But he's 20 pounds now so I'm SURE he'll be there soon! Love the update!

  21. I can't believe he is almost a one year old! Such fun times ahead!

  22. Hudon how did you get to be 11 months old so fast? I also love the pic of you and Hudson on the dock.

  23. Your Hudson is exactly 1 day younger than my Canon...and they both have red hair! I can't believe we are this close to having 1 year olds! Can't wait to see how y'all celebrate!

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