Good Grief.....and link up party details!

August 27, 2013

Last night was killer. Someone fell asleep in the car on the way home from daycare and woke up on the wrong side of the bed carset. That someone was not me. It was Hudson. Talk about CRANKY. As in, we haven't heard those kind of screams since, well, I can't even remember. Isn't it too early for him to start throwing tantrums? Lordy that boy was upset. For no reason. So we did what any sane parent would do. We put that boy to bed. But he was NOT HAVING it.

That would be a boy standing up in his crib mid-scream. I watched him flail his arms, kick his legs, shake the crib rail, yell, and pout for almost an hour. So yeah. That was a fun night.  

Isn't my life glamorous?

In much more exciting news, it's almost September...which means that the Kid Tested, Mom Approved link up party starts next week!!! Are you as excited as I am?
Below is a button with code for you to include in your post. The day that theme goes live you'll be able to submit your link on any of the party host's blogs.

Here's a reminder of the schedule for each day:

Hello Erin on September 3rd for The Style File: Dressing our kids is one of the perks of being a mom! Where are your favorite places to shop for your little one? What items have you found that are stylish yet still hold up to lots of play time?

Strawberry Swing & Other Things on September 5th for Mommy and Me Craft: Have you been able to make a special craft or work on a project with your little one? We want to know all about it!

Meet the Sullivans on September 10th for Family Friendly Food: We all know kiddos can be picky eaters! But of course we want them to eat healthy, yummy foods. What is your favorite kid-friendly go-to meal?

Dear Owen on September 12th for Making Memories: Time with our little ones goes by so quickly! How do you make it memorable? How do you capture those memories? Share with us your best ideas for making and preserving memories with your kids.

The Girl in the Red Shoes on September 17th for Tried and True Toys: Let's face it, kids love toys...and so do moms! We all have a ton of them, but what toys are your kid's favorites?

Sunflower State of Mind on September 19th for Go-To Gear: Having a baby means your life can get taken over by stuff! What gear is on your must-have list?

Want to link up with us? We sure hope so!

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14 Responses to “Good Grief.....and link up party details!”

  1. Ugh oh! We are having some rough nights lately too, I think the terrible two's start early now! Hopefully it's just her teeth or something.... so excited for this link up party! :o)

  2. I am there.. a crabby crabby 10.5 month old. its exhausting!!! However, I am currently reading the hunger games and his sound effects really add something to the book.

  3. Those nights are the worst -- breaks my heart every time! Cannot wait for the link up!

  4. I babysat a 5 month old until he was 9 months old my last semester of college. At times it would only be an hour but if he was crying and screaming the entire time it felt like 10!

    <3, Charlotte

  5. Oh Julie I am so sorry you guys had a rough evening. It's so hard when they're in a bad mood because they can't tell you what would make them happy again. I'm SO ready for the link-up!! My posts are ready to go!

  6. My 8 month old has taken to standing in the corner of her crib screaming. Ever since she figured out to stand a few weeks ago naps & sleep don't happen unless she's absolutely exhausted.

    Good luck

  7. Ugh those days are the worst! Poor him and you :( thanks for the link up info!!

  8. Oh no, Hudson! Poor mama and baby!
    And, I am excited for the link up, love all the ideas :)

  9. Nights like that you just have to laugh and pour yourself some wine... Toddlers- we'll never understand em.

    And ONE WEEK!! Yay!!!

  10. Don't you just love when they won't give in for anything - such a joy. :) Can't wait to link up!

  11. New to your blog and I LOVE it! My little Noelle has been having these bad nights too! I'm blaming it on teeth! I swear every time we look at the monitor she is standing up in her crib! So excited for the link-up party !

  12. Ugghh--nights like those are no fun! :( I just got a Babycenter email this morning that said tantrums start around 1 year…why did no one warn me of this?! I thought we had another year before the terrible twos?!? Ah!!

    In other news, can't wait for next week!!! :)

  13. Must remember to participate in the link-up! Must remember. Must remember. Must remember. :)

  14. Ugh I hate bad nights. :( It breaks my heart and I can't do anything to distract myself. Sounds like my daughter, if she falls asleep in the car, she will not go back to sleep in her crib! It sucks so if that happens during the day I'll stay in the car so she can get a good nap in. I'm always stocked with snacks and a book! :) Hope Hudson has a better night!


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