Moms Know: Big Purchases

July 22, 2013

I'm linking up today with A Blonde Ambition to share my big baby purchase must-have list! I know I loved reading recommendations from moms when I was pregnant, so I hope this helps somebody! My husband and I tried to keep our baby purchases to a minimal because I didn't want to have big stuff taking up space in our house unless we really needed it....I'm not so sure the same thing can be said about baby toys, however.
Baby must haves: the big stuff
1. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller. We love this stroller. I "test drove" several in the store and this was the clear winner for us. We walk A LOT and needed something that would hold up and be comfortable for Hudson. Haven't regretted this choice one second!

2. Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump. Although lately I'm ready to beat it with a bat and toss it out the window, this pump really is a must-have if you plan to give your baby breast milk.You can find my other breastfeeding supplies list here.

3. A cute but functional diaper bag is totally a must have. I love the diaper bags that look like a purse but I didn't find them to be super useful. They are usually heavy, lack storage space, and there is no way you could catch my husband holding one. I'm on my third diaper bag and finally found one I like! I have the Skip Hop's Duo Deluxe diaper bag in Chevron and it perfect for us. Plus it's cute!

4. Video baby monitor. We have this one by Motorola. It works great and I love being able to "spy" on Hudson. It really helped when we transitioned him to sleeping in his crib that I could see him whenever I wanted. We use this a lot now to determine if Hudson is crying because he's awake or just fussing in his sleep. 

5. Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat. We loved this seat when Hudson was little (he's now in a Britax Marathon seat that we love too). The Keyfit was super easy to use, safe, and easy to clean. Make sure you get a second base so that you can put it in two cars.

6. A good sound machine is a must for good infant sleep! We have the Conair Sound Therapy Clock Radio and it has worked well for us. I like this one because it has a clock built in which is super helpful for those late night feedings when you are disoriented. Skip the waterfall sounds and go straight to the white noise button. And make sure it's loud!

7. A Portable high chair. We use this high chair by Inglesina all the time on our kitchen island. We trade off between our regular high chair (vintage) and this one.  I love that this one can travel with us if needed!

8. The Fisher-Price Snugabunny Swing is the go-to baby swing for so many moms...and for a good reason! It's great. It's quiet, cute, and Hudson LOVED it. It's a life saver for those late and fussy nights. What I love about this swing is that it has an electrical saved us from having to buy a ton of batteries. When Hudson was really tiny I thought the lowest swing level was too fast for his little body so here's a tip for any new mom: drape a light swaddle blanket over your baby so that just the tips of each end drag on the ground. It will slow the swing a little bit without causing damage. 

If you have any baby gear questions, please let me know!

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17 Responses to “Moms Know: Big Purchases”

  1. Holy cow. It feels like forever since we've needed some of this stuff (like the swing!). Crazy how quickly time flies... This list brings back major memories (and she's only a year and a half? I swear it feels like she's been around for yeeeeears sometimes).

  2. Why didn't I ever get a portable high chair? Dang, that looks awesome!

  3. We bought a lot of the same "stuff". That stroller is probably our FAVORITE. I'm so glad that we ended up getting the city select. :)

  4. Great list! I love seeing what other mamas love and use! Gotta love the breast pump. Thankfully I only have to use mine occasionally, but it's still a pain to think about getting it out and putting it to use! Here's my list - Overwhelmed by Grace:Top Ten Baby Must Haves

    Great post!

  5. So fun! Sarah Sterling liked much of your list!! I remember wanting to drop kick my pump too! Glory days.

  6. I agree with so many of these purchases! The swing was a lifesaver in the beginning! Fun link up!

  7. We were the same way, with only springing for the essentials. We actually made it through without a swing for A, but relied heavily on the Rock N Play and bouncer. Hopefully Baby Girl isn't high maintenance!

  8. 1, 6, and 8 were some of our favorites too!

  9. i need to go through each and every one of your pregnancy posts for what are the best baby products to get, what you recommend what you dont

  10. Great list, thanks for the recommendations, I need them!

  11. I think the swing saved our lives!! And since it was a plug-in, not battery-operated, we could use it as much as we wanted! Cam slept in his for a few months, but it also allowed us to watch tv, shower, do laundry, etc...that's my #1!!

  12. We have the same (GIANT) swing and Owen never liked it :( Too bad, because it is huge and was on the pricey side. I love seeing this list and all the things you guys deemed important!

  13. Love this!! I'm definitely pinning this so when we have to buy a high chair, I remember this portable one! Love the idea!

  14. Love this list! I have been busy researching items for my own registry and have added many that you have suggested. Many mom's agree on your list of favorites!! Loving posts like this right now as we prepare for our first to arrive in December!!!


  15. We have almost all of these! It's true, they are all amazing!

  16. I agree 100% on all of these! Great picks.

  17. Love your must-haves list! We actually have the same stroller and I sing its praises whenever and where ever I can...absolutely LOVE it! Not sure if you have the 2nd seat yet, but we have test drove it with my niece and it's the coolest thing. Can't wait for #2 to use it all the time! Also had the same swing (although Cruz wasn't much of a swinger) and of course the Chicco Keyfit 30.

    Great recap of your faves!


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