Just some sentences

July 1, 2013

Happy July!
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Too exhausted for a real post today. I am officially getting OLD.

- Wore my super cute dress to my co-worker, Ericka's, wedding and didn't get a good picture of it...but it was cute.

- Rocked the photo booth

- Took way too many pictures of my adorable baby in his neon shorts.

- Had to consume way too many of these. I swear someone is always sick in our house.

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10 Responses to “Just some sentences ”

  1. I love the first picture adorable and you look so pretty I love the dress.

  2. Those neon shorts! OMG! The dress looks super cute and your hair {per usual} is amazing!

  3. A baby in neon shorts. be still my heart! SO SO CUTE! Also I love your dress!

  4. I hate when I rock a cute outfit and don't get a good photo of it!!

  5. Definitely love your dress AND those neon shorts Hudson is rocking! Hope you feel better friend! :)

  6. ...or I'll eat you! HAHA So cute! :)

    You should definitely post a full picture of that dress... SO CUTE!

    Feel better friend! :(

  7. I'm sorry y'all are sick again, but looks like a fun weekend. Can't believe our birthdays are so soon... AHHH 30-- we are getting old!!!

  8. i'm in LOVE with those neon shorts (and the baby wearing them!) looks like you had a blast at the wedding!!!!

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