Happy 10 Months Hudson!

July 9, 2013

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(10 months sticker by Little Baby Garvin)
How is my baby already 10 months old? I know I say this every month, but time is really flying by. It totally isn't fair. I want to bottle Hudson up because this stage is so so so fun. I love being the center of his world and want him to always love me this much. It truly is indescribable how much I love this boy.

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(photos by Ashley Slater Photography)
Height and Weight: According to my scale Hudson is 22.5 pounds, so not much change this month. It was next to impossible to measure his length because he was on a mission to not hold still. We got 28 inches, but that's what he was last month and I can tell he's grown, so it was probably wrong!

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Health:  He's been great this month!

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Sleep: I'm so happy to report that Hudson, for the most part, but not always, sleeps 7:00/7:30pm-6:30am!!! Sometimes he wakes up once but he's been so much better at sleeping through the night. It is awesome. For all the mommies out there who are wondering when their baby will sleep more the answer for us was 10 months. That sounds like a crazy long time....but you can do it! And for all the mommies out there who's babes have been sleeping through the night since you brought them home from the hospital that's great for you. But I don't think we can be friends. Just kidding. Maybe not.

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Diet: Hudson LOVES his oatmeal, homemade applesauce, and pureed pears. And cheerios. Everything else he could take it or leave it. We gave him whole black beans and he LOVED them...but I think they may be the cause of some pretty nasty diapers. We also gave him blueberry pancakes for the first time over the weekend and although he loved them at the time I think they might have upset his tummy. He tried chicken this month and loved it too. I baked it and then pureed it and it was just about the nastiest thing I have ever seen! It totally looked like a vanilla shake...it made me gag just to look at it. But Hudson gobbled it up! I'm SO over pureed food and ready for him to eat what we eat.

 photo IMG_9603copy.jpg
Clothes: Hudson is wearing 12 month jammies and clothing. He's still wearing size 3 diapers.

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Baby gear love: Hudson loves his John Deere tractor push toy. Best $5 I've ever spent (garage sale find!). He basically loves anything he can push around. My mom still has the mini grocery cart from when I was a baby and Hudson LOVED pushing it around and filling it with his toys. Another favorite is toy balls and blocks. Obviously blocks are more fun when you can carry them around in your mouth.

 photo DSC_1704.jpg
Crying: This boy only cries when he's really tired or doesn't get his way. He has a little separation anxiety too which just about breaks my heart.

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Likes: Chasing the kitties or Wrigley around the house, playing with Wrigley's toys, walking with assistance from a walker, carrying toys around in his mouth, dancing to music, clapping his hands and waiving his arms, cuddles with mommy, and reading books with daddy.

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Dislikes: Holding still to get his diaper changed and not being allowed to stand up in the highchair or bathtub! He also hates wearing sunglasses and totally knows how to throw a tantrum!

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Postpartum: Let's get rid of this category, shall we? I'm totally back to my old self....plus a few pounds.

 photo DSC_1567.jpgSocial: Hudson is such a little ham and smiles everywhere we go! He has a little stranger anxiety and prefers to be close to either me or his daddy most of the time. He LOVES older kids and could just watch them play forever. Hudson's best friend right now is Wrigley. He loves to watch him chase his ball or swim in the lake at grandma's house. Over the 4th of July we let Wrigley play fetch in the lake and each time he came up out of the water Hudson giggled and clapped his hands. So adorable.

 photo DSC_1517.jpg
Milestones: Hudson got his second tooth this month! He can also say "mama" now! He totally doesn't know what it means but it's so nice to hear him say mama instead of "dada" all the time! Oh, and walking with a walker.

We love our little guy and can't believe he is going to be one year old in just two short months!

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22 Responses to “Happy 10 Months Hudson!”

  1. I adore your family picture! It is so sweet!

  2. I adore your family picture! It is so sweet!

  3. He is so adorable!! 10 months is when my little guy started sleeping better too (thank God). He's almost 11 months now. Diaper changes are the worst! He's so busy!!

  4. He could not be any cuter! Thankful my "baby boy" still lives just up the road, but enjoy those cuddles as long as you can...they do grow up so fast!

  5. I can't believe he's 10 months old!! Cute little chunk!

  6. Cutest 10 month old around!! I still can't believe he'll be ONE soon!! Where did the year go?!

  7. Such a sweet boy! Can we please invent a way to keep our babies babies? We'd be rich and famous and have our little lovebugs FOREVER!

  8. He really is the sweetest! He makes me want a little boy next.

  9. Don't you love a good garage sale find?! I just found a Radio Flyer wagon for $20! I have been avoiding making chicken for that very 'vanilla chicken shake' look! bleh! Hudson is such a cutie!

  10. Happy 10 months Hudson!! You fill our lives with such happiness. I agree it would be nice to keep our children babies but when your a grandparent it all comes back to you. I loved your comment about being the center of Hudson's world and you truly are....he loves you so very much.

  11. Time sure is flying!!! Can't believe how big he's getting and that he's almost a year old!!

  12. He is just the sweetest little nugget! Happy 10 Months Hudson!



  13. You are almost at the eat what we eat stage! Hang in there. I tried to make tofu once and that was also pretty nasty ground up with bananas or something. So happy that he is sleeping longer, you probably feel like a new person! Such a happy boy.

  14. so cute! he is getting so big!

  15. Love the pics! I can't believe he's going to be one in two months. That makes him sound so much older than when you just say "10 months old." Crazy how time flies!

  16. He is so dang cute, and I love all his little toys and outfits. BAH! I can't wait for my little guy to get here! HAHA

    As for pureed chicken. Barf. HAHAHAHA!

  17. 10 months was our magic sleep number too! It's funny, it never seemed so awful until she actually starting really sleeping through, then it was like, oh I will not go back!!

    Happy 10months Lil' Boy!

  18. Hudson just gets sweeter by the day!!! Oh and how is it possible that we're going to be throwing 1st birthday parties so soon?!?

  19. He is SUCH a cutie! So happy for you guys that he's sleeping through the night consistently now... that's HUGE! And I think that blueberries just have that effect on kiddos, I just have to limit how much I give Em!

  20. Sweet Hudson..seriously getting so big?! Great pics and praise GOD sleeping has gotten better, right?! I think O was still up at least once a night at 10 months but magically at 12 months he started sleeping through the night and hasn't stopped since. THANK YOU JESUS!


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