Happy 9 Months Hudson!

June 6, 2013

Yesterday Hudson turned 9 months old! My sweet little baby is growing so fast. I seriously love this stage. He is so fun and keeps us on our toes!
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Height and Weight: Hudson has his 9 month check up yesterday and he is 22 pounds and 28 inches tall. We love our chunky monkey!

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Health: Overall pretty good! He has a runny nose a lot thanks to day care. 

Sleep: Okay. Sometimes he sleeps through the night. Sometimes usually he doesn't. Naps have gotten a bit better and we can usually count on one 45 minute nap and one 1.5 hour nap. Sometimes the long nap is in the morning and sometimes it's in the afternoon. He still doesn't nap well at daycare though. 

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Diet: As you can see dinner time often involves a lot of goofing around! Hudson LOVES his oatmeal, cheerios, and applesauce and tolerates everything else. Even peas (which were a favorite last month) are often met with a sour face. He HATES bananas and gives us the most hilarious facial expressions when we dare to give it to him. 

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Clothes: Hudson is wearing mostly 12 month clothes but can still squeeze in to a few 9 month outfits. Jammies are all 12 months and he is still in a size 3 diaper. Monster jammies found here. We basically have almost every pair of jammies that The Children's Place makes!

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Baby Gear Love: Hudson started pulling himself up to a standing position this month and LOVES any toy he can climb. I put the legs on his activity table (similar found here) and he just thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Hudson has been teething a lot this month and we both love these teethers you can stick in the freezer as well as these zo-li gum massagers.
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Another favorite around here are spatulas! Give that boy a spatula and he is happy as can be. 

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We've started using our pack n' play again to contain our little crawling machine! It's the only way I can get ready most mornings.

Crying: Hudson usually only cries when he is hungry or really tired. Or if I leave the room. 

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Likes: Spatulas, chasing Wrigley, playing with Wrigley's toys, splashing in Wrigley's water bowl, tickles from daddy, snuggling with mommy, exploring, and standing up.

 photo DSC_1282.jpg
Hudson also LOVES to play with our door stoppers. It drives daddy crazy but I let him do it anyway...it buys me a few minutes of peace!

Dislikes: Getting his face wiped, diaper changes, when mommy walks out of the room, being told no....just the usual stuff! Our little man is constantly getting in to trouble...but we love it!

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Postpartum: Things are good! I'm feeling back to my old self again!

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Social: Hudson loves to smile and "talk" to people everywhere he goes. He wants to play with anything you are holding or wearing and loves to chew on necklaces and sweatshirt strings. His face lights up whenever he sees kids and he immediately wants to play with them. He is pretty outgoing but sometimes just wants his mama. 

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Milestones: Hudson got his first tooth this month! After two weeks of teething it finally came in. Man...teething is no joke! Hudson can also pull himself up in to a standing position and even take a step with his walker. I bought him this walker last week and it has quickly become his favorite toy. He can also feed himself cheerios and gets so excited to see them. I tried giving him cut up blueberries to eat but he hated them!

We love you Hudson! You make our lives so much brighter. 

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21 Responses to “Happy 9 Months Hudson!”

  1. I read this with my 7 month old in my lap. He keeps reaching out for Hudson, lol!

  2. Suchhh a cutie! I love that red hair coming in more and more each month! :) And isn't is funny the stuff kids are entertained by?! Door stops and spatulas, who woulda' thought?

  3. Happy 9 months Hudson! Love this post.

  4. He is SO PRECIOUS! :) And I love all his little clothes! You're going to need to give me tips on good places to shop for baby boys! HAHA

  5. Can't believe its been 9 months! Love all your pictures and "moments" with your son...beyond adorable!!

  6. Happy 9 months sweet boy!

  7. He is SUCH a cutie and I think he officially outweighs Ethan! ;) Love his red hair and chunker thighs...can't get enough of it! And yay for the first tooth!

  8. yay for standing! I love that wooden walker! and the pack n play is a life saver... until they really get moving and then they hate it.... get a gate for the bathroom and let him play while you get ready - Callie loves it because its the only times shes really in our room :)

  9. He is sooo adorable! And so much like Noah! (or maybe every baby is like that!) Door stops, dog toys and remotes are some of our favorites at our house too. He even did something on the remote at my moms house and we couldn't get the tv to work! Hahaha!

  10. My baby will find the door stoppers in every room in less than 30 seconds of being in that room. He LOVES them! And I'm like you...it definitely buys me time in the morning to get ready! Our boys sound SO similar! They're just a couple of weeks apart. Jack will be 9 months on the 18th! Time is flying!

    Happy 9 Months to Hudson!



  11. Happy 9 months little Hudson! He is so smiley I love it!

  12. He is such a doll!! Happy 9 months to your sweet Hudson!! I swear you blink and their first birthday is right around the corner! And I hear ya on the teething front - Jackson turns two at the end of this month and I *think* we're almost at the end of the nightmare that is teething (his 2 year molars just came in). Gahhhhhhhhhhh, talked about some rough days!! Good thing they are so stinking cute!

    Can't get over your sweet boy!! Can I just come over and hangout with him for a few hours? That sounds like a better cure for my baby fever than being pregnant for 9 months! Haha!!! ;);)

  13. He is just so adorable!! Teething is really rough in the beginning. It gets better a little later. Max is slow to get the rest of his teeth once the first 4 came in, now he whines a bit more often but it doesn't alter his sleep.

  14. So so sweet! He is growing so fast, I can't believe it!

  15. He sounds very similar to my son at 9 months old! I swear we have the exact same picture of Carter in his red chair with a yellow spatula! So cute!

  16. What a happy guy!

  17. What a little cutie! I am just LOVING this age with my boy...minus the lack of sleep of course!

  18. Happy 9 months sweet Hudson! You are as cute as ever! O loved spatula's too! Glad the tooth broke through, you are right teething is no fun! So exciting that he is pulling up, you better watch out Momma, walking is right around the corner!


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